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Southampton pgce interview - Should I be enthusiastic?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by tdow, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    Only a few days to go til my Primary PGCE at Southampton University and I was thinking about How I should be in my interview- Should I be enthusiastic or calm and informative? I know this is a basic question but I failed an interview last year and i want to get this one right. I have been studying the required characteristics... Any tips even very basic would be helpful.

    Thanks to anyone who replies- this website really helps


  2. I think you can be calm and enthusiastic!
    Obviously it's best not to go OTT, but expressing an (informed) opinion and being passionate about your future chosen career is no bad thing.
    I think the best advice I can offer is to not worry about this and to just be yourself and be honest with them. When they've asked you about something you're really interested in - be animated, but also be natural - don't force it.
    Good Luck
  3. Hi!
    I too have been wondering about this! Its my first interview in a few weeks and I want to do well enough for it to be my last (fingers crossed for us both). I agree with the previous poster as I'm going to aim for the hybrid mix of calm, professional and enthusiastic and try to get my point across without rambling for ages. I have a presentation to do which I am trying to make informative, interesting and also try to keep it fairly light humoured so there are numerous different aspects to try and show. From what I've read on here and other forums people seem to think that interviewers look more for passion and enthusiam about the subject, I'm sure I read somewhere that one person realised that she'd rambled on for ages about something she'd seen in school but the interviewer seemed to think that was good as it demonstrated the learning experience she'd had. Anyhow sorry for the rambling, don't know if it helps or not, but good luck anyways! [​IMG]
  4. I have an interview next week and am pondering the same things. I think it's ok to be enthusiastic if you genuinely are.
    I've got loads of positive things to say; my problem is that I just get really nervous in interviews. I'm fine standing up in front of kids, just not so great with adults ! I have tried practising in front of the mirror but now I'm concerned that I sound too rehearsed. But I am worried that if I don't practice what I'm going to say that I'll freeze and my mind will go blank.
    Is anyone else practising or is this not a good idea in your opinion ?

  5. I think it's fine to practice if it makes you feel more confident, the main thing is to not worry about getting it wrong and keep telling yourself why you want to do it and why you will be perfect for the course,
    Good luck!
  6. I'm going to practise but not until about 2 weeks before my interview as I know if I do it earlier I'll worry more! I'm the same as you Jamiesmum, put in front of 40 plus kids and tell me to sing alice the camel or the penguin song and I can (and have!) do it with ease. Put me in front of four to five adults and for some reason its more worrying, although I know from the past for me personally I don't practise too much as I do sound kinda stilted. I'm just trying to relax, and its working a little. My presentation topic is only for five mins but was really broad, effectively teach something simple that you are really good at to a member of our staff, so I'm also trying to make it more natural as I'm picking a topic I am really interested in and the hope is that this will show through without making me seem OTT. I'm also going to prepare cue cards (just in case) and take handouts with me which will make me less nervous.

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