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South West Teacher Training SCITT interview- help

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by StCruz, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Had an interview there recently. They were really nice but they also were professional, and had a procedure to follow. Overall, I think the interview process was quite thorough.

    Presentation: 5 mins go really fast, and they will stick to that time precisely. I didn't do a ppt, but then I wished I had. Beforehand, they asked if we needed a computer or a projector for the presentation, so they were open to it. They told me it was not compulsory though. As for the presentation content, I went for something that I thought could be engaging pedagogically, but that could also lead to discussion about my experience and previous work. It was not a repeat of my statement, but many other points during the discussion were indeed going into more detail about what I had stated more briefly. I had written it down on paper, which doe not look too professional, and of course I did not stick to it as I should have, and I went on for too long...

    Test: I don't know for sure that calculators were not allowed. But in the room where the tests took place, there was none. But nothing was said about that. During the maths, I regretted not having my phone and its calculator on me. But I felt it would have been cheating. I told them about the phone, and they smiled. Also, the questions were only difficult inasmuch as I did not have a calculator. Otherwise, it was just a matter of entering the data (I don't know how I fared, though). Finally, the person next to me did not have a calculator either. I think it is safe to assume that it is a no calculator test.

    Words of encouragement: good luck! I think the interview process there is friendly and rigorous, and even though I was nervous, I was made to feel comfortable. I had gone for an open day before, decided to apply, and the interview process confirmed my good impression. I am sure you'll feel the same.
  2. Thanks for your advice :) I did ask about the powerpoint in the end, and was indeed told that it would be possible to use their equipment so I'll be making a powerpoint. (Once I figure out what to talk about, that is!)
    Non-calculator is bad news haha, how difficult would you say it was compared to, say, GCSE?

    Thanks again and hope your interview was successful!
  3. If you are not sure about maths, then no calculator is better: it usually indicates that the problems themselves are easier, and the emphasis is on calculating. Time might be the main difficulty.

    Good luck
  4. Thanks :)

    One final question- would it be OK for me to do my presentation on a good and a bad lesson I gave while I was in Germany, with my own observations of what I could have done better?

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