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South of Spain, bullying at work ?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by volvere, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. volvere

    volvere New commenter

    if there is a fire breathing dragon involved unfortunately at the moment you will find yourself burnt and compromised; morally, economically and professionally. If passing that threshold holds no fears you maybe the long awaited saviour of this downcast and benighted realm !!
  2. vayacohones

    vayacohones New commenter

    I have just heard that the three teachers who parted ways (how lucky they were !!) from the saintly school have set up their own enterprise with matriculation to their school already open. The word from within the school is that some of the brightest parents have already signed up and that many more will be joining them.

    If true, it couldn´t happen to a nicer bunch of business sharks. Has anyone any experience of this sort of thing happening in other parts of the world as I imagine it might be a first for Spain.
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  3. ejclibrarian

    ejclibrarian Established commenter Community helper

    Does it have a cryptic name so we can search for it?
  4. vayacohones

    vayacohones New commenter

    something to do with a mythical avian which is given to regeneration
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  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    This new college even has a FB page . . . Good luck to them!

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  6. vayacohones

    vayacohones New commenter

    the longest journey begins with a FB page
  7. WelshMags

    WelshMags New commenter

    Any updates on what's happening at this school?
  8. volvere

    volvere New commenter

    New management have been hired to paper over the cracks and to issue the standard platitudes about the school looking to continue to improve blahabla. It beggars belief that anyone with an ounce of self respect would apply for a job at one of these outfits unless of course they had no other options.

    At present the working environment could most kindly be termed dysfunctional although there are still some professional and hard working staff they are rapidly becoming the minority as cheaper and cheaper replacements are being sought. If you are still not put off you will always find a job with this group.

    Until they find someone cheaper that is.
  9. WelshMags

    WelshMags New commenter

    Will definitely steer clear! Thanks for the update.
  10. volvere

    volvere New commenter

  11. vayacohones

    vayacohones New commenter

    So the change the owners denied was going to happen has happened. The sacked teachers who won their court cases can now point to the latest developments and be vindicated once again. Leopards and spots. The latest incumbents had asked to have the ground cleared before they arrived. More culling to come. The taller poppies will be cut down.

    Accountants algorithms and projections with their rates of change affecting rates of change spit out the idea that reforming the packaging/marketing for the majority of consumers has a greater impact on sales than changing the quality of the internal product.

    Many parents don´t care about the education of their kids so long as the marketing is right. The ill wind that blows no good has come to town.
  12. nollaig

    nollaig New commenter

    know what you mean, bring in cheap inexperienced/retired/non-uk nationals and pull the wool over everyones eyes. Then make it all sound too good to be true all over again :) which of course it will be
  13. volvere

    volvere New commenter

    what does one do though ? a member of staff mentioned that they were going to leave and were told by the latest director (gone in a few months of course, just like the rest (though none of them seem to have been aware that it was they with the mark on their back all the while)) that they would not be entitled to any pay during the summer months. Ufff long sentence, the english department will tear me apart with their clauses.

    This from someone who knows zilch about spanish labour law still feels cocky enough to come out with such c*rp does not bode well for the new set-up whose philosophy, inverted commas, she will of course have been privy to. The new head was quite trenchant when challenged about the legality of her stance so the teacher withdrew the resignation.

    The cynic in me suspected as much and so now feels wholly justified in not giving notice and simply disappearing into the international schools ether when September comes.
  14. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    Thing is, the bottom line for this group is profit.
    When this all kicked off last year, angry parents were threatening to remove their children from the school in protest.
    Management must believe that, whatever money they've lost through losing students has been more than compensated by the cheaper wage bill they achieved .
    That doesn't make it right, of course, but without enough parental backing, in deeds not words, I think you're fighting a losing battle.
  15. nollaig

    nollaig New commenter

    too true,

    the new owners are based in London or some other offshore ghetto :) and are now sinking to the level of the other schools on the costa with new teachers being given 10 month contracts. One can only imagine the quality of candidate whose cv lands on the table of our new head. And what does it say about a head who has to walk past a loong line of heads stuck on the stakes of the school railings each day on the way into work. The latest candidates to join us are what you would expect when taking into account the conditions they have been offered and so it goes. The students suffer so that shareholders pick up the profits in Regents park.

    On a brighter note our former colleagues who set up a 6th form college have taken our best students (weeps) and are going from strength to strength as word of mouth in these parts is everything.

    Is there room in this town for a for profit only school and an alternative ? Are there any other stories of teachers standing up to **** standards, setting up a new school and slaying the dragon.. or is it all just fairy tales and big finance wins out every time :)
  16. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    Out of interest, how does the new 6th form college manage A-level Science teaching? Does it have labs?
  17. nollaig

    nollaig New commenter

    new labs and a full cohort of students this year and places nearly fully reserved for next term. Few 6th form schools outside UK so brexit aside maybe there is room for something different to the 7 % s and their cavalier take on education as another market product
  18. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I notice that the school at the centre of this drama has undergone a change of name, coming out of the dragon-slayer group and into another one. They have several ads on the go at the moment.
  19. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Is it now maybe best described as the 1066 school, or is that another one?

    You wonder how difficult it would be to set up a school in Spain which (a) had good working conditions, and (b) strong students. Looking at the comments here and elsewhere, it shouldn't be too difficult - the main sticking point I suspect for teachers would be that the jobs aren't advertised until about now or June, when recruitment in the rest of the world for August (including in much of the UK) is done and dusted by April.

    Certainly for a lot of UK teachers, the thought of living in Europe with easy trips to the UK, and doing it for 5 years so long enough to gain citizenship of that country, would appeal....
  20. volvere

    volvere New commenter

    The school has been taken over by an anonymous investment company with a p.o. box address up some side alley in London. They care not a whit about their staff. New ehem management have been sourced on the cheap to try and put on a brazen face to parents who are of course desperate to believe.

    But it is a grim place to work for at the moment.

    The few good teachers left in the school are leaving this year. The English and Maths departments have now been decimated and the only reason there are not more jobs advertised is that the staff who are still there have bought property believing that the halcyon days of the previous incarnation of the school would last for ever.

    But you can never trust a dragon if you want to avoid being burnt and even less so one that tries to camouflage its spots to lure in the unsuspecting..

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