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South Korea anybody?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by stopwatch, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Recent ads for Jeju.
    Anybody heard anything. Interviews due tomorrow according to the ads.
  2. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    Recent ads for Jeju.
    Anybody heard anything. Interviews due tomorrow according to the ads.
  3. I have an interview tomorrow. Excited and very nervous!
  4. has anyone heard anything yet? I had an interview last week and nothing yet........
  5. No, nothing, post-intervew, yet. Has anyone heard?
  6. I'm thinking about applying for one of the new posts that's being advertised now. Does anybody have an update on the building progress?? The groundbreaking ceremony was only last August!! Surely it would be a miracle if they could open a full campus & teacher accommodation in only 12 months...??
  7. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    The bloke heading it up is pretty good at getting things done. Obviously there are external factors, but I would imagine by End August, all will be in a 'workable' state at least.
    They are currently re-advertising posts which went out before Christmas. Obviously with a whole school to fill with new staff, it's a big call.
  8. I've also heard the principal is good, which is a definite positive.

    I'm also wondering what it would be like to live on jeju...i've read that it is pretty expensive to travel off the island, and that it can be a bit isolated??

    ps. Don't mean to be negative, but that's what a forum is for right?? Finding out the answers to things you're not sure of...
  9. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I have friends who live in Seoul who I skyped with to find out about S. Korea. They said:
    • South Korean food is awful and an acquired taste
    • Travel to UK takes ages, and they never go back Easter or Christmas because of the travel time
    • Travel to the Far East is relatively cheap and close by.
    • I would imagine you get 'island fever' and would want to go away regularly. It can be quite insular and even more incestuous than normal in expat communities due to the small area in which you are restricted living.
    • It is re;atively easy too save money
    • Climate can be very cold and very warm (though not as warm as the ME)
    If you want to 'see' Jeju go on Google Earth and check out the photos. It looks very clean, but a bit characterless.
    The school site looks good on the info, I think the salary package is extremely good.
    Working in a brand new school is really great as you are 'in' on everything and can feel like you make an impact. It is also typical that promotion is quite regularly available as new schools grow. The Heads previous school was a brand new one.
    and - yes forums are for getting info and opinion.
  10. Cheers Stopwatch, a lot of useful information right there. I'd heard similar things. Not entirely sure it's the place for me...having said that, it would be an amazing opportunity though - great school and, like you say, room for promotion....

    *ponders & strokes beard thoughtfully*
  11. TURNER007

    TURNER007 New commenter

    They interviewed before Christmas and have now re-advertised all positions....anybody know why?
  12. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    I don't think they have re-advertised all posts (there were some I had my eye on, which aren;t in the new 'batch').
    I would imagine that, with it potentially being a biggish school (70 staff perhaps?) they won't be able to fill them all in one lot of interviews. Perhaps the field they got weren't as good as required and they are finishing off with a second try?

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