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South Coast SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by greenb, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. greenb

    greenb New commenter

    Been following the forums for some time now, but now feel in a place to actually contribute!
    Anybody out there applying to, or enrolled on, the South Coast SCITT??
    Just had my interview offer come through - rather excited, nervous, full of ideas, mental blocks etc!!
    Hope all are well and enjoying the sun!
  2. Just had my offer for an interview through, I'm assuming you've been through the process and hope you were successful? How was it for you? I'm at the self-doubt stage! Looking forward to the nervous, excited bit.

    And yes, the sun's great :)
  3. greenb

    greenb New commenter

    I have indeed been through the initial day but sadly came out unsuccessful..
    The school and staff are wonderful, as are the children, that has made it a bit harder to not get pretty down about it!
    Hope it goes well for you, I went through the self doubt but when you're in such an environment like that I felt really sure that it was what I wanted and was made to feel very relaxed too.
    gutted!! aaargh

  4. What a shame! Hope you're going to keep trying. Good luck
  5. football crazy

    football crazy New commenter

    I wondered if you could offer any advice having been through theselection process.
    Anything you wish you knew before hand, related to the group activity / teaching activities.
    Is the science test multi choice / detailed questions for example.
    Any info and advice you could share would be gratefully recieved.

    Thank You in advance - football crazy

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