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Soul destroying Ofsted inspection...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by samwilliamsgiles, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Bolter

    Bolter New commenter

    Anyone know where can we find this new Ofsted List?
  2. I just had Ofsted last week. The lead inspector told us at the start that the lesson observations would all be over 30 minutes as they were only allowed to make judgements about the lesson if they were in there for that length of time. We have also been told the same by HMI and our Head.
    The inspector also made it quite clear that in their feedback to teachers they would NOT be giving us a grading. They would point out the things that went well and the areas for improvement. As a teacher, you should know if a lesson was good, satisfactory etc if you understand the criteria - which we were given by our Head at the start of term, and before we had our internal observations. I have a paper copy, and will ask the Head for a link tomorrow then post it here if anyone is interested.
    The whole experience of Ofsted was traumatic for everyone in school, because we knew that we are a very fliud school in terms of floor targets - what we had to do was prove we do everything we can to give our children the best education they deserve. And we did!
  3. Oh, just seen that someone's posted the same link on another thread. Looks useful, though!

  4. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I still maintain that along with the NC and SAT's, Ofsted has done more to lower morale and standing of teachers and schools than any other single factor.
    Yes the inspectors might be normak folk judging a lesson according to a criterea.......but in many cases they are not professional ex teachers and also their results are skewered by political interference and bungling..with a constant changinf criterea and plan.They judge but do not build up....the critice but often fail to be constructive,the label but then demamnd teachers and organisations work at some incredible rate to get back intot he the good books,leaving exhausted teachers and systems....which then ,unable to keep up that rate slump back over time.
    It does hightlight supposed weaknesses....but at his rate(over a 1000 school s supposedly below standard or failing children) there wont be a good school left soon.
    Despite all the changes in education i really dont think children are significantly advanced or scored great achievement even viewing goverment figures..so condemming teachers and schools wont in the end make them better.
    Hmi's were fearful folks, but at least they understood schools and on the whole changed what needed to be changed and challenged accordingly.....but more important as they where attached to an area, rather than roving the country, they could see the school in the context of that area.
  5. A very wise friend once told me to look at the video of my week and not the snapshots as they are not a true representation of your life and if you don't like the video change it! Come on get up its all there for you! x
  6. I've just had the same experience having had "outstanding" and all the rest over 30 years and never anything less than good. "Not enough assessment". My reply," You didn't ask and I ain't rubbing around your legs trying to gain your approval" If these people were any good they'd be doing the job not getting their kicks making you feel bad. I am close to retirement and the only thing that makes me want to stop is OFSTED, otherwise I'd be happy to go on until I was 70 - I love it. I know what is good and what isn't because I've been successful for 30+ years. Don't let them get to you. It's clear that there is an agenda here to drive a form of privatisation through by instucting OFSTED to rate more of us as useless thus justifying more divide, rule and control a profession that is a thorn in the government's side. You are the judge - you are the professional - you know what you are doing and you do it day after day in the face of almost impossible odds. F*** 'em!!!
  7. Why do teachers knock themselves up worrying about this word SATISFACTORY.? In any other walk of life if you are "satisfied". That is not seen as a bad thing. If OFSTED. or thr govt. Or anyone else is trying to say "satisfactory" is not good enough then they should change the word
  8. You know when you've done a good lesson? you know when you've done an ok lesson?, you know when you've done a bad one? You know when you're doing your best? <u>That's what matters.</u>
    Do you even care what OFSTED think?
    If they tell us what we want to hear it's fine, if they don't we get upset and angry.
    Never go back for the feedback is my advice. You have no control over the outcome so why worry about knowing it?
    You pick yourself up by getting on with the job and remembering why you do it. It's because you enjoy the company of young people and you think it's a privilege to work with them. There isn't a better job in the world.
    (But I know how you feel - we've all been there at some point in our career.)
  9. One of the main differences, to my mind, between the current schedule and the 2012 schedule is this: Up to now teachers could pull good or outstanding lessons out of the bag during an inspection. Under 2012 schedule teaching is going to be directly linked to achievement. For instance if KS2 SAT results are only average or worse then it would be unlikely that the teaching would be Good as Good teaching should lead to Good results.
    As others have said familiarise yourselves with the schedule so you know exactly what the inspectors are looking for.
  10. All I can say after our inspection 3 weeks ago is... Ofsted - demoralizing poppycock!
  11. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    unlikely that the teaching would be Good as Good teaching should lead to Good results.

    This assumes that all children will learn well if presented with good learnig opportunities.This is simply not true and is a measure of the failure to understand the way children learn.........in 30 years of teaching i have shown time and time again that its the childs motivation and desire to learn which leads learning.No amout of a good learning provision will produce all children learning........thats where assessment comes in to advise and allow us to struture better or even allow learning.
    However, i do agree that if the results are poor there needs to be a reason why.......but its not all athe result of poor or inferior teaching.

  12. Personally I find the phrase "you'd do well to" slightly patronising. I am sure that all teachers look at the OFSTED criteria before being observed, i think the point here is that even with preparation, the grade was lower than expected and therefore has shaken this teachers confidence.

    No OFSTED are not the enemy, but this is one of the few professions where scutiny does feel very personal if it doesnt reflect the time put in...Dont worry about it, i agree with the other comments, put it down to experience, take on board the criticisms, deep breath and move on.
    Have a lovely Christmas - i think you deserve it!
  13. In a longer experience than I care to admit I have often found a patronising attitude the last resort of those having delusions of adequacy. Having had feedback that was often contradictory and very much dependent on the mood of the moment or the current fad if you will, I have sought to change which could be reasonably improved and ignored the rest. Asking for a short demonstration of the particular technique or practice being enjoined has an inspector move faster than a Saturday shopper round a Big Issue seller. You are the best investigator of your own practice (paraphrasing Lawrence Stenhouse from the 1970s). It is irritating to be at the beck and call of the powerfully uninformed and politically ambitious but such is the teachers lot and thankfully after the dust has settled we get back to doing our job and generally doing it well. Enjoy your Christmas and look forward to an OFSTED free New Year :)
  14. Havig recently been through a "friendly Inspection" I totally agree that we need to know what the NEW criteria are. the focus has changed and its clearly back into the classroom. The observations were longer and stricter but we were prepared by one of our colleagues who works as an inspector. She has only 1 head and had a tremendous sense of humour - if a little dry and witty. It was of tremendous help BUT I was observed non-stop for 2 and a half hours continuously over three lessons by 3 different inspectors.
    As to should you worry - are the key stake holders happy? The Head, kids, parents! Do they still believe in you? If yes put it down to experience and move on! And if you 'care' then experience really does make a lot of difference. Just helps to bounce back a little more quickly.
    Keep smiling! [​IMG]
  15. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Shame the goverment and the inspectors dont have the same inspection as we are supposed to undertake as to suitability for the job.
    Two and a half hours is a long long time......yet i think if your condifident that your head is fair and helpful then just dropping in a lot is good and a better form of inspection.
    Hhen you say the inspector only had one head...do you mean you have seem multiheaded ones .........such as herculeas fought?[​IMG]
  16. Step back. What is the worst that can happen? What are the chances it might happen? Little changes after an Ofsted inspection that we weren't expecting anyway. After the post mortem, we have a group hug and chill, then do the best teaching ever, away from the barmy spotlight.
    What happened in pre-Ofsted obs was more important. We all want to do the best we can but the Ofsted experience is so overwhelming that many of us are like rabbits in headlights. We have been force-fed Ofsted for the last year so that our eyes roll in our heads with each new piece of paper we are asked to read to make sure we know what good teaching looks like. Not sure about the new framework as a few frontal lobes seem to be missing, but in previous Ofsted inspections, comments have been helpful rather than judgemental.
    Don't forget to Google 'There's only one 'F' in Ofsted...' and have a chortle. Life really is too short. We get sucked into a term and as exhaustion sets in we lose the plot. Children first, Ofsted last, all the rest inbetween.
  17. Satisfactory is the new outstanding. Satisfactory is sane. Why bother with anything else?
  18. Sam (I'm assuming) - what you've just been thru is, by any account, HORRIBLE. You've lived thru a nightmare, and you want to know how to improve yourself emotionally.
    YOU are the teacher, and YOU decide how well YOU are going to do, and do, that day. Are YOU at all disappointed with the job you did? Was it as well as can be expected? If so, then ROCK ON, BROTHER!! If not, know that you can improve....but that it's no one else's call what kind of teacher you are besides yourself.
    Or, as we say in America: F@$# 'em!!
  19. Having looked at the above grid am I wrong to say that it is down to the individual teacher whether they CHOOSE to set homework or NOT, given the conflicting and unconvincing opinions on the subject? That it is the teacher who orchestrates their own professional work in progression of children's learning. That the grid criterion 'Homework contributes to learning' is unsound therefore as a criteria to assess teaching in any way as it seems to prescribe any view to the contrary. Doesn't that as such seem to furhter suggest that the OFSTED agenda is politically motivated with the main tone being of control of dissent, otherwise you cannot achieve 'excellence' as defined by these criteria.
    Thanks for putting up the grid as It is useful to know who is bowling and the type of ball they bowl. It is even more useful even to know that they have redrawn the crease before they start their run up, but then to realise that they also tell us that they have also rewritten the rule book for OFSTED cricket and only stroke we can now use is the one with one hand behind our back, does seem a trifle 'not cricket' - or is it just me?

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