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Discussion in 'Personal' started by chocolatebox9, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    But you're not paying extra. You pay for your house when you're away on holiday, don't you?
    Small outlay. Besides, you probably would save in the longer term by not driving about for three months- save on petrol and wear on your car.
    The hens are free range in fields, the horse is also in a field. How much mucking out will they need?
    I have a dog; one dog needs as much walking as three.
    Really hard labour, this...
    Again, this is a half-hour commitment, tops.
    In a house in a beautiful part of the world, with a swimming pool, in springtime? See, this is where we really differ because if I didn't have to work, this would sound like bliss and I would consider myself well up on the deal.
    Anyway I won't bother any more, you clearly aren't the sort of person this would appeal to, but to damn the whole request as selfish only shows how little you would like to do it- it doesn't make you right. It's very subjective and it would seem that it would appeal to some, as the OP's friend has had positive responses already. I wouldn't assume that they're all drug dealers.
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Oh I missed that one.

    I'd have been tempted had my circumstances been different.
  3. The hens aren't free range, she said they need to be shut their coop at night. Horses need a fair bit of looking after, as anyone who's ever done it would know. Its more effort to walk three dogs than one, as anyone who's had more than one would know. It would be normal to look into the kind of person who would do this for free.
    A professional house-sitter would be paid £3000 plus expenses for these services and this person is looking to have them gratis. Selfish? That's an understatement!

  4. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    Why the heck do you care so much, chocolatebox?!
    This is Personal, not Opinion. Several posters have said they'd do it if they could, so it doesn't matter whether you think they're being ripped off or not.
    I, too, would go if I could. My FIL is the sort of person who could, and would, go, but I think it's more something he would have considered when his wife was still alive. Don't know that he'd want to be so far from family these days. And he'd save money by going.
    He'd be rent-free and utility-free for 3 months. Ideal.
    There are people out there this would suit - it just would cost some people more to go than to not; so we don't do it. It doesn't make it a bad offer to everyone.
    And THAT is what is "simples".
  5. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    I must need an argument...
    The hens are free range. Even free range hens are normally shut in at night, so that they don't become foxy takeaway. You'd need to let them out in the morning, wait for them to roost at night and then put the hatch down. Maybe count them first to check they're all in.
    It lives in a field and is very elderly- other than feeding, watering, and grooming two or three times a week, what "looking after" would you expect to do?
    Thank you, I have had dogs for more than five minutes. I'd disagree entirely to be honest, because with more than one dog they get their exercise and fun from playing with each other and therefore you can actually get away with less devoted walking time than you can with one. Particularly as these are also allowed to roam around the fields the OP mentioned.
    "Professional house sitter"- if she wanted one, she wouldn't have posted on here, would she?
    As I've said (and others have said), I think this is a situation which could well appeal to someone whose circumstances allowed them to spend three months away. So anyone who needs to work is out, likewise those with family commitments, but as I said, pensioners could do it, for example. The difference as I see it is that you wouldn't want to spend your time in this area looking after someone's animals, so you consider it a selfish request; whereas I would enjoy the countryside, the living in France, the chance to read/write/hike/swim/live like I was on holiday, and would consider the animals a minor inconvenience at most. I'd see it as getting an extended holiday in exchange for a very small effort outlay.
    Anyway I'm arguing mainly because, having followed the thread today, I am slightly bemused as to why you're being so aggressive towards the OP. It's almost as if you feel personally insulted by the post!
  6. Hoorah! Animal sitters are arriving on the 1st February... so thanks to everyone who've offered support and advice. FF

  7. Congratulations on being able to take up references and do ID checks so quickly!
  8. That's great news. If I could have done it I would have loved to, sounds like my idea of heaven.
  9. landaise

    landaise Occasional commenter

    Good news, how did you find them in the end ?
    Best wishes to your friend, hope she can sort her life out.
  10. An ex Colleague, living in Brittany, wanted to escape the poor cloudy, wet weather and have three months somewhere else to give her electricity bill a rest.
    She writes articles for publication, so a good dollop of peace and quiet, in a lovely place will suit her down to the ground.
    I worked with her for twenty years so I'm confident that she will not be running a drug den or turning the place into a cannabis farm, which must be so annoying for Chocolate9.
    Sign of the times...she contacted me via FaceBook.
    Thanks again for the support and help.


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