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Sorry.... I can't stand it!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4561, May 10, 2011.

  1. Nearly 9pm oz time... OH away. Had another FOUL lesson with year 8's. Don't know who to talk to. Came home. Cried. Had my usual lovely time on entertainment.... cheered up for a wee while. Crying again now. Feel as if I want to die. Year 8's were taken aside at lunchtime by principal, director of students and all of their teachers, and basically given a good talking to, a few months back. Nothing has changed. They're chatty, they're rude, they're disrespectful. They make teaching them a personal nightmare. They're worse in my subject (music) as it's not "essential". I try. I have seating plans. I line them up quietly outside. I write learning outcome on board. I have said I'll give them 'prac" if I just get through the 15 minutes of theory/listening that I have to do first. Nothing works. Giving them prac doesn't work.... they just bang the keyboards or drums, or anything that comes to hand. They imitate everything I say (Scottish accent in oz) . My year 7's tell me they love me, I have a great relationship with my year 9/10 class, and my year 11's that I simply tutor, The year 8's are making my life a living hell, to the extent I feel like resigning. Those of you who know me, and know why OH"s been away, will know it's been a carp year.... and I've just had it. I want to crawl into a little hole and hide. At this moment in time, I don't care, if you want to come on and give me advice, or just tell me a joke to make me smile.... I just need distraction, and TES has been my only distraction for the last difficult year... so, didn't know where else to vent. Sorry.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    You shouldnae let the wee bams get to you!
    They need a good chibbin'.
  3. I was trying to think of something heartening to say, but this is the best advice. How long do you have them for? Will you have them when they're in Year 9?

    This isn't your life. Kids grow up and move on to other teachers. Chin up.
  4. Thank you! That has made me laugh! (Got visions now of going into tomorrow and saying "Now listen, ya wee bams....Ah'm gonnae gie ye a guid chibbin if ye dinnae behave" Might work......
  5. "Will you have them when they're in Year 9?"

    No, but problem is that Music is an elective subject. So, if I come down hard on them, as I do at times, then it turns the more 'musical' kids off, which means I'll have very few year 9's...Last year had same problems with Year 8's.... hardly any of them chose to do music as an elective. They'd been bored negative by previous teacher who only did Mozart with them, so they hated "music" as a subject, and in spite of me doing contemporary music with them, they just refused to lighten up...
  6. Hmm. Not ALL of them will stay bammish though. Kids do mature, so it's always possible they'll be better when they're older? My subject is art, so I know what you mean.
    You'll probably hate me for saying this, but if you only have one horrible class, things could be worse ( I know, I know, shut up coffeekid)
  7. No, you're right, Coffeekid. My year 7's are doing well. I have a girls class and a boys class. The girls are delightful and enthusiastic. A couple of naughty boys in the year 7's but overall ok. We have a computer program to record student behaviour. i put in a positive entry for this year 7 boy, who'd been given two 'negative' entries in the same day. One of the other teachers e-mailed and said "Are you kidding?! I want to punch his lights out!", so, should not get two "bad" classes out of six get to me. They just goad me endlessly though, and although I try not to rise to the bait, I do..... (is there a TES 'criinge' sign?!"
  8. Sorry...should explain... have two year 8 classes and one slightly less foul class than the other. It was the least foul class, that I lost the plot with today. Then girl from other foul class approached me with grin and said "Were they worse than OUR class, Miss?" Feel as if both classes are in competition to find out who can wind me up more!
  9. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Oh how awful...I really do feel for you.
    I've been on a term's supply at a real shit hole where all the classes (except year 7) are as you describe your year 8s.
    Now I'm a tough cookie but by the end of one week even I came to realise the kids were in charge and I quit!
    I guess it's different for me as I've got a fab permanent post in September, and when push comes to shove I don't have to work (but boy, does it help!).
    Now, words of encouragement are few but the end of term isn't too far away. I was lucky to be in a position to tell them to shove it (I think the words I used were 'You have to be here. I don't').
    Try not to let the little bastards get you down [​IMG]
  10. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Not much practical advice - but loads of sympathy.
    Back when i had classes like that, I would just tell myself (never out loud!) that I hated being the class just as much as the learners did...but at least I was being paid for it!

    Ummmm would it help cheer you up if I let you keep Gibbs this weekend? (Just as as a one-off you understand!)

  11. Thanks Belle. Congratulations on you new post! Yes, will try not to let the wee gits get me down.... I tried so hard... totally re-arranged classroom over the hols here, brought plants and musical ornaments in, changed the seeatings, so the kids are sitting in groups etc.....tomorrow, I'm going in first thing, desks will now go back to just facing the front and theory worksheets on desks as soon as they get in. Growiing a pair now..... [​IMG]
  12. ROFL! Yes, the thought of that has cheered me up immensely! Oh, GIbbs......
  13. Going to go and eat (a very late ) dinner now, but thanks all of you... you HAVE made me feel much better! Sorry for whinging, but if not TES, where else?! xx
  14. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    If nothing else at least a rant on here makes you realise you are not the only one!
  15. Yes..... thanks again everyone...... am going in early tomorrow morning, to arrange all desks facing the front,new seating plan in place, and have printed out theory and worksheets ready. Will address them as "Good morning ya bams...." If they query it, I will say politely "I said 'Good morning, class"...." (and will have a quiet snigger and keep chin up. ) Meanwhile, I will address senior management and suggest it's time for us to have another chat with this year group. I'm NOT the only teacher struggling with them, they're just worse in music.... I thinks it's time the principal had another chat with them..... Thank you, feeling MUCH better.... just needed to vent....
  16. Attagirl.
  17. Thanks, Coffeekid... feel better and have stopped snivelliing... in last school i called the kids (good-naturedly) a bunch of 'rascals" They'd never heard the term before, and thought I'd called the ar$eholes.... have muttered it in reverse occasionally since then, and denied it........ " No.... I called you RASCALS... I would NEVER say that......... " [​IMG]
  18. And since I have both year 8 classes tomorrow... I will read this thread before i take them!
  19. HA HA! :-D
    That's actually very amusing. :)
  20. I get away with murder here.... there was the time a kid knocked over a pile of guitars...it was a domino effect...bang, bang, bang, so i said "****" Kids said.... "You swore miss. I replied "No, I didn't.... I simply said "Shhhht" That is a Scottish expression of annoyance. " Then said quizzically (with dead pan and curious face) "Don't you say that here?"

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