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sore throat

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by pinkflipflop, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. If you are ending the week with a sore throat then you aren't using your voice properly. Seek some vocal coaching.
  2. lumpyloo

    lumpyloo New commenter

    You could try http://teachersupport.info/ and I remember an article in the tes a few years ago so there could be something online.
    I used to get them a lot, fortunately I was allergic to the cleaning product they used, so when I moved schools my throat was suddenly better. At least you will be able to rest it in a few weeks.
  3. What a pain! Near impossible to teach without your voice, and who would want to face being a mute in valuable social time?

    I've had sore throat for 3 weeks, went to see my GP today and he said to go back if no better in 1 week. He said that it may be indicative of a virus in my larynx, causing the hoarseness, but that if it continued for 4 weeks he would send me to ENT and take blood to test for any viruses.

    Please don't just put up with it, I felt it might be a bit trivial for a trip to the doctors but my gp took it seriously, especially given our job.

    I saw PFFs wise words too on having no voice, take heed!

    Hope you're better soon
  4. lumpyloo

    lumpyloo New commenter

    I went to the doctor too for a blood test - it is a good idea to rule this out.
    We forget how much we talk throughout the day and that we cannot work without our voice.
  5. Were do you speak from? Throat or diaphragm?
    I can project a fair way even if my throat goes (though I do sound ridiculous), because I speak from my diaphragm when speaking to a class. I did a fair bit of theatre as a child, so was taught until it became second nature.


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