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Sore nipples:one week into b feeding.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladymarm, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Please help!
    Nipples so sore every feed is torture and I'm close to tears when my partner says that our baby looks hungry.
    Any advice? using Lansinoh. I am sure latch must be wrong ( she is a very little baby still with dinky litte mouth- have tried expressing so nipples less sore)but i've got everyone possible to watch and they all say the latch looks good- several mid wives, and today my h visitor. Doesn't help my pain. is this normal. Can you just feed through it? I'm taking painkillers to take the edge off each feed.
    Went to Latch on group today- all the mums just said yes it does hurt and you get through it, HOW?!!
  2. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Does the pain last through the whole feed or just for the first 10 to 20 secs? Is there any damage? when it comes out, does it go straight back to its original shape or is it coming out a bit mis-shapen? Look for it coming out like a lipstick end or with a thin ridge long one side.
    How does it feel in the next hour or so after feeding?
    Congratulations on your new baby too! Your pg seems like it went full term.
  3. My OH said one of the worst bits of the first few weeks was looking across at me feeding in the middle of the night with tears rolling down my cheeks from the pain! However, I am still bfeeding 10 months on!
    Your nipples do harden up pretty quickly, by about week 3 it's much better, honestly. Stick with it, In my opinion it's well worth it as I've found bfeeding hassle free, once you've got through the inital pain.
  4. Has your baby been checked for tongue tie ladymarm? Takes 2 seconds, HV should be able to diagnose. It can cause painful nipples.
  5. Undiwear,
    Yes they look like lipsticks! She was nil by mouth for 3 wqeeks when born.Why is everyone saying the latch is ok???
    Yes she had tongue tie but it was divided last week. off to feed her. i could cry :(

  6. Don't despair! You are doing brilliantly, and she had such a difficult start, every feed you give her is great.
    Would you consider speaking with a certified lactation consultant? You usually need to pay but they would have more expertise than GP/HV and peer supporters. There's a list here:
    Do you get any relief if you try feeding her in different positions? Rugby ball hold, lying down, her lying on top of you? Have you tried nipple shields? I know people have mixed reactions to them but they might give you some relief so you can gather yourself to try again?
  7. I had a v sore nipple, mainly because LO wasn't taking in enough boob to get the nipple back to her soft palate. It was rubbing against her hard palate and every feed felt like a cheese grater against it. I ended up with not just a crack but a patch with skin missing and thrush. I used a nipple shield on that side for a while which did take the edge off until it all healed.
    I'm still feeding 8 months on so it does get better. I remember dreading her waking up cos I'd have to feed her and just sitting in the dark crying while feeding her at night. Lots of hugs to you x x
  8. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Is she home with you now? If she is then you can try to do kangaroo care with her as much as possible during the waking hours. Literally let her lie on you with your top open so that she has unlimited access to the breast. This is termed as biological nurturing and it can lead a baby to self latch. Self latching is more often than not more successful than we trying to get them on. Let her sleep on you, tummy to tummy and when she stirs, just allow her to crawl to the breast if she has no medical / feeding lines at the moment. (I am assuming here that she doesn't)
    It is common for first time breastfeeding mothers to not read teh earliest breastfeeding cues. The are opening mouths and looking around (looking for your face or nipples) then more active moments like hand and arm movements and moving her head from side to side. The earlier you can respond to these cues the more opportunity you will have of her achieving a good latch.
    the video below shows a baby who is giving an early cue at 1:12 then he goes on to have a great latch. At 3:54 and 4:54 are two little babies who successfully crawl and find the nipple with a good latch.
    Though these videos are in spanish I think they are useful because they show all sizes of breasts and nipple. Some of the babies are newborn and they are reclining in furniture you already have and that they are all biological nurturing positions save one and the babies all go on to self latch.
    You may find this video by Susanne Colson helpful too: http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/video/bn3clip.html
    At night try staying in bed and feeding on your side. Put her nose to your nipple and let her wiggle and shuffle into the right position.
    If you want to do the cradle hold, the other strategy to try is to do an exaggerated attachment which is illustrated in this pdf document on pg 10 of the pdf document but pg 9 on the actual page numbers of the booklet. http://www.sunderland.nhs.uk/admin/mopil/pdf/20060405104105.pdf
    I second contacting an Lactation Consultant from the LCGB. It will be money effectively spent. If you want me to search for one in your area (Bristol if I remember rightly) let me know.
    PS Tell your dh that tiny babies always look hungry. That is their job. To feed, feed, feed. The best way to figure out if they are getting milk is to see that they are weeing and pooing.

    HTH. I hope this isn't information overload.

  9. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Because they don't know enough about breastfeeding to support you properly. :-( Now at least you know to disregard any information these people give you on breastfeeding and seek someone who is better trained.
  10. Lady arm - yes it does hurt but it sounds like tour latch is wrong to me. Go to a breastfeeding counsellor- someone who knows what they're talking about . I was told by midwives that my latch was fine but it wasn't and led to mastitis- temp of 40 and so so sore and poorly- and I had a reasonably mild case. Go see someone ASAP! I was in agony and dreaded feeds in the beginning, but as soon as my latch had been sorted it became a pleasure and I fed for over ten months . You're doing great!
  11. Lol excuse typos- on phone with autocorrect!
  12. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Lady marm I would definately say go straight for medela nipple shields the ones that come in a plastic yellow case - the other brands are rubbish - they saved everything for me, it's not worth the pain or hassle.

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