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Sore mouth...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by pinkflipflop, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. For about the past month I have had a real problem with both corners of my mouth being really really sore. They are always splitting and cracking up and no amount of anything is easing the pain [​IMG]
    Has anyone had anything like this before? What did you use to soothe it?
  2. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    These can sometimes happen due to a vitamin deficiency, which is probably quite common at this time of year when we're probably indulging and little more in carbs than in fresh fruit.
    Try a multi-vitamin to help. Meanwhile, I find that Sudocrem applied at bedtime is helpful. Also, the best thing I've found for chapped lips (caused by 4 months taking Roaccutane) was Carmex, although you've probably already tried this.

  3. Thanks for the reply.
    Carmex is my weapon of choice, but it just won't touch this [​IMG] Fed up with being so sore and splitting my mouth open every time I yawn or eat or talk!
  4. Try the medicated blistex in a metal tube - it's brilliant. I put a heavy layer on before bed and haven't had split, bleeding lips since. If I forget for one night - I notice it the next day and start splitting again.
  5. I sometimes get this, it can be (is usually in my case) a vitamin B12
    deficiency - try eating extra cheese / eggs meat/ fortified breakfast cereal or
    a vitamin supplement. I also tried using a tiny amount of cracked heel cream on
    the outside part of my cracked lip overnight - miracle cure!
  6. I seem to remember my mother getting this and it was because the (umpteen) medications she was taking impaired the absorption of some vitamin but I can't remember which one!
    Try a multivitamin - they're cheap and even if it doesn't work it won't do you any harm!
  7. It only takes a two-minute blood test to find out for sure!
  8. Hey! Dr bunty may have solved it!
    No little flutters in your chest/throat then? Is the tiredness worse arounf your period? How's your hair?
  9. Just permanently tired, no particular pattern with periods or anything. I had a blood test two years ago and they said I wasn't anaemic back then.
    Hair is in very good condition, but I do lose a lot when I run my hands through it/brush it/wash it etc.
  10. Oooooooooh thyroid!
  11. So long as you have plenty of hair on your head, don't worry about what you shed. Iron deficiency can cause thinning hair. .
  12. I think it is vitamin B deficiency. I take a lot of care of my skin, it is my best feature (amongst many, really, tbh). I suddenly got this a couple of years ago. DO you like Marmite? Brewers YEast? I think that was what was recommended. Eat, not rub in.
  13. Either that or a sinister plot by your family.
  14. [​IMG] It's spreading outwards a little from the corners of my mouths. Not impressed as I am now starting to resemble ronald mcdonald
  15. It can also be a symptom of zinc deficiency.
  16. Do you think it is related to you being run down?
  17. I'm hoping it is just my body saying it has had enough at the moment and not some weird random lurgy!
  18. My mouth thing was better within a day I think. If the underarm is not due to rubbing or anything you can think of, maybe a trip to docs.
    Hope you feel better soon.
  19. The splitting sore corners of my mouth have been like this for 3 weeks now. Some days I get layers of skin falling off [​IMG]
    The spots under my left arm have literally appeared overnight!
    Guess I had better try and get past the 'gatekeeper' to attempt to book an appointment with my doctor. My bets are on sometime mid january.
  20. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    Not sure about the armpit spots, but the cracked corners can be due to lack of vit B. This is a classic symptom. My daughter occasionally gets this problem and it is soon remedied with some vit B supplements. If you don't eat a lot of red meat, she doesn't, it can happen. If you are feeling very tired too, the doctor can give you an injection of B vits to boost your supply which lasts a while. My daughter is an actor and at one time the whole cast were given injections as they were all exhausted. They cost but made a huge difference. Hope this is all it is and it all soon clears up.

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