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SOOO incredibly nervous

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by kinneh7, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I am a NQT - sort of, basically i finished my final teaching practice in dec 2010.. i looked for a few jobs but then ended up taking a year out, finally bit the bullet and signed up with an agency for supply - could potentially be in classroom next monday, and i am completely cakking myself..

    i am soooooooo nervous? please send mountains of advice and tips!

    hugely appreciated!!
  2. Hello,

    I am a NQT - sort of, basically i finished my final teaching practice in dec 2010.. i looked for a few jobs but then ended up taking a year out, finally bit the bullet and signed up with an agency for supply - could potentially be in classroom next monday, and i am completely cakking myself..

    i am soooooooo nervous? please send mountains of advice and tips!

    hugely appreciated!!
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    First of all put new to supply or Supply advice into the Forum search box tick Supply only option and you'll find loads of posts with lots of fantastic advice.
    So congratulations on 'scoring' that first day of supply on Monday. If possible, as it's pre-booked, contact the school and see if they can tell you a little about what they'd like you to do- I've been faxed or e-mailed plans in the past and then you can get a heads up on what you need to do.
    Be confident- you're a qualified teacher and know your job, it's just this particular group of children who you are unfamiliar with.
    Be firm but positive-catch them 'being good' rather than 'being bad' wherever possible. Voluntary feigned blindness/deafness if possible, so you don't have to confront them unless absolutely necessary.
    Be yourself.

  4. work is confirmed for monday yet - thats just me being hopeful..

    im just so scared about going there and failing - my fear seems to be more of other teachers saying im a rubbish teacher? weird i know.. but thats what im afraid of!
  5. Remember that once you're in the classroom it's just you and the kids. Possibly a TA in with you but unless you're dire other teachers won't know, or care, what kind of a teacher you are. Just do the best you can , that's all you can ever do.
    And I hope you have read plenty of the posts on here so that you are aware of how many people are getting little or no work at all. Some of us are doing ok though, it depends on where you are and what age groups you are offering.
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Not at all 'weird'. I think many of us worry about what our colleagues think of us.
    Just remember,that many of those who might criticise, would themselves either flounder teaching in unkown classes/ schools or run as far as possible NOT to be asked to do it!
    My mantra is 'I did my best under the circumstnces in which I was put!'. Sometimes that is quite good, but often I'm only too grateful others weren't there to witness to my 'failure'.
  7. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Not weird at all, its only reasonable to be concerned what other teachers think of your ability. If you weren't concerned what they think then that would be a worry. But if you've passed your PGCE then clearly some people already think that you are competent in at least some areas.
    But please tell me you will use captital letters when they are required when employed in a professional position.

  8. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    Also spell capital correctly too.
    And don't start sentences with " but "(or and).
  9. Thank you for your posts, starting to feel slightly more positive!
  10. Kinneh7, if you are lucky enough to be in a classroom on Monday then congratulations, well done you. I also qualified in Dec. 2010 and spent 2011 job hunting and doing short term supply work. On those days when I am lucky enough to get work, if I know about it in advance I make sure I get to the school massively early, find out about class rules and routines (there are usually some rules on display that you can refer to if the little darlings don't behave) and have a good look at the lesson plans. If it's emergency cover, you might not have the luxury to do all of that, but I find the adrenaline takes you through and it will be fine.

    One thing that I always try to do is to take just a moment to convince myself that they will be a lovely class, I am going to like them and they will work well. Then I face them with this expectation in mind and quite often it is self-fulfilling. Never underestimate the power of expectations!

    One other thing that will endear you to the school is if you mark the work carefully and in accordance with whatever system they use. It's a pain, but they will love you for it and may want to get you back.
    Good luck, and enjoy it.
  11. Sorry Kinneh7, I forgot to tell you my other top tips for supply teaching which are as follows: (1) go in there with a big smile, then they will either think you are confident -- and you will be -- or at least they will think you are nice. Which I'm sure you are. (2) Find out where the staff toilets are and whether it's an electronic or paper register. I felt a right wally when struggling with a Brom-Com on one of my first supply jobs. On the other hand, if you know what to expect you can do the register calmly and use it to set the scene for a good day. (3) And don't worry, even if something goes wrong you never need to see them again.

    But the bottom line is, don't worry about the permanent teachers -- they will just be glad you turned up. And remember, if you are in that classroom on Monday morning it is because you are a qualified teacher and so by definition YOU ARE GOOD.
  12. Thank you so much for all of your comments - they have been so helpful!

    Well i received the dreaded phone call today - I have been booked in for a morning in one school, I later got a phone call for that afternoon in different school. Thankfully I know where both schools are, and they will both be in year 2.

    Feeling very very nervous - especially as the first school I actually went for an interview at!

    Lets hope it all goes well, the agency have told me to take work just in case, but I have no idea what to take!
  13. As they are only half days I would suggest taking a story as a stimulus for a bit of written work, a bit of maths and a creative activity. I wouldn't spend too much time planning them though because in my experience work is usually left. Good luck.
  14. So - how did it go?
  15. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Remember : as a DH once said to me "If you're still here and still standing by the end of the day that's success!"
  16. Hello,

    It went really well thank you! The school in morning, I had actually had an interview at so kind of knew what to expect.. The teachers were still in school, they were out of classroom doing targets and things, so I was able to go through the lessons with her which was a great help. The kids weren't too bad, tried it on a little bit but all was well

    The second school was a bit more of a nightmare! Teacher had left a simple note & no laptop! So yes i panicked slightly more there, but teacher in parallel classroom was also supply, and she helped out loads! Those kids were soooooo much harder to handle, the TA & I were simultaneously shouting...! Also I found it very odd.. they called me by my first name in that school!

    Thank you all for your advice - I survived my first day!! I do think I will do it again have said to my agency I will stick to prebooked schools at the moment rather than earlier morning calls!
  17. I take it for granted now that I WON'T have a laptop, it's a bonus if I'm given one. I used to take my own in but it's generally not compatible with the school system or the school don't allow it so I don't bother any more. No one ever expects you to have one.
    Glad you haven't been put off completely.
  18. e26


    Aaaargh I have my first day of supply tomorrow too! I have 3 years experience, but haven't been in a classroom since July (made an attempt to leave teaching, plus I relocated out of London.....but it's so hard to get any decent non-teaching job just now) I am secondary, but did 2 months of nursery supply in London a couple of years ago. But this is proper secondary supply! Luckily it is in my subject, so that's good. I am nervous too though! So good to read through everyone's comments.
    I don't know what to do about behaviour expectations - my last school had very high expectations......when you are covering a class do you go in really strict? I'd say that is the best way? Or do you let them talk a bit?

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