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Sons school getting a new uniform

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Mrswoods83, Nov 28, 2018.


Which uniform would you choose

  1. Jumper and polo shirt

    29 vote(s)
  2. Blazer shirt and tie

    21 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Mrswoods83

    Mrswoods83 New commenter

    Sons school getting new uniform

    Hi my 11 year old son year 7 school resently held a uniform consultation regarding a new uniform. The choices were to keep the current blazer and tie uniform or get a more Modern jumper and polo shirt style uniform.

    There was a vote a couple of weeks ago and the results were announced last Wednesday 94% of students voted for the new uniform and 74%of parents voted for the new uniform and 83% of teachers / staff also voted for the new uniform.

    The school have reviled that students can wear the new uniform from December the 5th but it’s not compulsory until next September it’s available to buy from this weekend I’m buying my son the new uniform on Saturday.

    Sons schools new uniform policy

    School jumper with school logo

    School polo shirt with school logo

    Black school trousers

    Plain black unbranded lace up plimsolls or proper leather school shoes ONLY NO vans converse trainers boots or heels

    My son actually got chosen along side another pupil on Thursday and Friday last week to model the new uniform and have photos taken in it. The school got my son to wear plain black lace plimsolls as there allowed / recommended with the new uniform.

    Do you think other schools will follow suit and get rid of blazer style uniforms ???
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  2. Spiritwalkerness

    Spiritwalkerness Star commenter

    Round here, school uniforms change every time a new Head is appointed. Most schools who changed from blazers to jumpers have now gone back to blazers. The current trend for girls uniforms is a tartan pleated skirt.
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  3. meggyd

    meggyd Star commenter

    Yes usually the first thing a new head does. Wastes a lot of time in consultation and debate and enforcing new uniform. A headache for parents and teachers and expensive for parents. Children anxious about fitting in and being teased about lack of new uniform. A complete waste of time and nothing whatsoever to do with teaching and learning. But hey... The new head has made an impact.
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  4. varcolac

    varcolac Occasional commenter

    Absolutely not. Blazers all the way.

    My preference is for a black or dark navy blazer because it's at least reasonably close to modern business formal wear. Maroons and greens or bright blues look terribly out of place and almost infantilise the mode of dress.

    I'm typing this in a three piece pinstripe suit, tailored shirt, cufflinks, tie and pocket square, so my prejudices may be showing.
  5. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Less likely to learn if you're not comfortable.

    Totally opposed to blazers. Expense. Impracticality. Are they washable in the event of a spill? I think not.

    I'm anti-uniform anyway.

    PISA results. Netherlands. UK. Who performs better in just about every area? Including how much students enjoy school and how good their mental health is? Clue - it's not the UK.

    Do they wear uniform in the Netherlands? They do not.
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  6. dodie102

    dodie102 Occasional commenter

    We've changed to blazer/shirt/tie about three years ago. I think the students look so much better and take more pride in themselves. When the transition was in the planning stage the overwhelming majority of students wanted to move away from the dreaded polo shirt and sweatshirt. They looked like overgrown primary children. Cost always needs to be taken into consideration but that's my tuppence!

    On a sobering note I remember one of my students from quite a disadvantaged background telling me after his mother had died was that it was good that our school shirts were white as he din't have to buy a new one for the funeral - that did choke me up quite a bit.
  7. meggyd

    meggyd Star commenter

    Blazers are impractical. Horrid polyester. Too hot in the summer, not waterproof, in winter too cold without a jumper indoors and then too bulky to wear home under a normal winter coat.
  8. Oldfashioned

    Oldfashioned Senior commenter

    Scrap uniform altogether. No need for it.
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  9. Sanz1981

    Sanz1981 Occasional commenter

    Yes but what about parents who have already forked our £100+ on uniform pe kit etc. Will they have to buy it again or will the school cover the costs?? Some parents are on universal credit, on minimum pay. Unless you’re in a well to do area. I still imagine there would be some parents who will struggle with this purchase.

    Why not start the uniform in 2018/19 year for year 7 and then have the policy onwards.

    Sometimes common sense is bereft in schools, particularly slt.
  10. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I agree with the comment above about teenagers in polo shirt and jumper looking like overgrown primary schoolers. It might be ok in Year 7/8, but by the time they're 16...

    Personally I liked the pockets in my blazer - useful for carrying tissues, bus pass, spare pen, etc. Maybe not so much of an issue for boys, as school trousers tend to come with pockets, whereas school skirts don't (or at least ours didn't). Our blazers were machine washable and the school didn't have ridiculous rules about blazers needing to be worn at all times.
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  11. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    When I first started teaching (in 1981) one of the established teacher's catch phrases was 'Dress Smart, Think Smart'. I regard that sentiment with fondness to this day.
  12. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    I do actually like the look of school blazers especially in secondary schools with the correct tie. It's a smart look. I have known that after Year 7 most students throw their blazers out which is a waste of money. Guess it depends on the school. I know of some school where you have to wear the blazer all the way through to the end.
  13. serenitypolly41

    serenitypolly41 Occasional commenter

    Yes. It helps you to be in the right mindset a bit like school work experience days. You couldn't turn up in jeans and to be honest wearing jeans wouldn't have given the right look. The phrase "dressed to mean business" springs to mind
  14. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Daughter's school have just changed from particularly scruffy sweatshirts to jackets and clip-on ties. The school bought the jackets/ties for the year 8-10s, which stopped complaints about that (although presumably that's money they didn't get to spend on other stuff). Pockets are useful, they look tons smarter, but clip-on ties sadly get lost more easily than ones tied round necks. The jacket goes in the washing machine, dries overnight and can go straight back on the next day. Their shoe regulations are fairly clear: "polishable".
  15. Thebeak

    Thebeak New commenter

    Maybe a niche view, but aesthetically I favour the stiff collar, tailcoat, waistcoat and morning dress trousers look when it comes to school uniform. No crass boaters though please.
    varcolac likes this.
  16. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    I only ever bought two school blazers for my two boys. M&S polyester black ones. The younger son had older son’s blazer when he started year 7 and I bought the older one a new blazer. Easy to wash and dry overnight and, as others have said, lots of pockets for pens, wallet etc. When school had a uniform survey done the vast majority of parents and pupils wanted to keep the blazer. They simply introduced a different coloured jumper for underneath for those who chose to wear it, certainly better quality than the old one. A blazer, even a polyester one, looks smart. Better than a shapeless sweatshirt and polo shirt.
  17. Mrswoods83

    Mrswoods83 New commenter

    School is also giving pupils a free pair of the plain black lace up plimsolls when buying the new full uniform
  18. Mrswoods83

    Mrswoods83 New commenter

    New uniform prices
    School jumper with school logo £11
    School polo shirt with school logo £8
    Black school trousers various shops
    Plain black lace up plimsolls (free with purchasing new uniform) £3 from primark £5 shoe zone £7 sports direct and other shops
  19. meggyd

    meggyd Star commenter

    I would have liked to be able to buy blazers from M and S for mine but the school insisted on blazers in outlandish colours only available from the outfitters. And different colours for KS 3,4 and 5.
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  20. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    I trained in a school that had the polo jumper/shirt combo. That was the only school I've worked in that did. Every other school has been blazer and tie. As long as the uniform is black, navy blue, or royal blue it can look very smart. Green and burgundy...no.

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