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Son's report....question

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by SodaPop, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    I am a teacher, although not secondary and this is my first post on this forum...be gently!!
    My son brought his report home today, he is in year 8. My question is:
    Is it acceptable for his form tutor to 'cut and paste' the comment from last year when he was in year 7?
    My son's name was spelt wrong last year and is again this year. The 4 lines he has wrote (pasted) are the same, all but one. My son goes to a Cathlic secondary school and his name appears in the bible several times and only has 5 letters...not too tricky I would say!!
    Last year I let the incorrectly spelt name pass by but this year I am very cross.
    Advice please.
  2. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    The comment bank we have set up for tutor repports in Yrs 7 & 8 is the same set of comments, so it's conceivable in our school that a child could get the same comments both years if there is no change in anything.
    Is the name spelt incorrectly elsewhere in the report or just the tutor bit? If everywhere then it may have been incorrectly entered onto the school database,if just the tutor comment then why not ask your son to mention it to his tutor?
  3. I can understand why you would find this annoying. Before taking any action I would think about what you would like to happen and whether or not there would be any benefit to your son if you complained. As teachers we know that little that happens in schools is perfect and so it is probably better to pick your battles carefully so that when an issue is really important to you, you are listened to and taken seriously.

  4. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    You are a teacher?
  5. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Could be poor quality statement bank.
    Could be form tutor with other things - or who doesn't get to know much about your son. In my school a tutor may see child for morning reg only. If son is quiet and keeps his head down, then tutor may indeed know little about him. In my school tutors don't write comments on reports (or see the reports).
    Incorrectly spelt names are not good - although in year 7 my child got a report with a completely different child's name on (as did every other child in the year taught by that recently retired ex-colleague).
    Think about the outcome you want - but do have some kind of chat with school.
    Best wishes,
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    In the days when as form tutors we used to get subject reports for each child and then had to proof read them and collate them it was amazing that some colleagues could produce reports for kids that had left 12 months previously! Some of these kids were amazing apparently! LOL
  7. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Ah, the joys of hand written lists.
    We had a brief phase when no-one read the reports produced in sims. Everything was automated. Now we have to work in pairs and proof read each others.
  8. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    Thank you for the reply. His name is only spelt incorrectly by his form tutor. The whole report is short, like year 7, only effort grades and levels he is working at.
  9. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply. I am very grateful.
    I will say something to the school, although not sure which way to appraoch it, letter or phone call, not decided yet. The comment is word for word correct and I do not feel this is acceptable but I thank you for your helpful comments. I do know that my son's friend has not one comment the same as last year!!
  10. Rather than go in all guns blazing: my son's form teacher is a lazy *** who hasb't bothered to learn the names of their students and I am so angry I might go to panarama and tell then they are a bad teacher etc... (I know I am going OTT) Ask some questions about the way that reports are collated and put together. Ask if anyone checks the reports before they go out, ask if there is a comment bank, ask if there are any plans to change the way that reports are writen at this time of year in the future etc. Then you can say that you were interested as the report is important to you in your quest to support the school educate your child and you were interested in whether it was an accurate upto date picture, a snap shot or a review over the year. Lastly, did the head of year realise that your son's name was spelled incorrectly and some of the comments were exactly the same.

    In that way you come across as interested, supportive and curious, rather than just peed off? Make sense?
  11. Perhaps the form tutor had numerous reports to write, including those he teaches for GCSE and A-Level students, and is just doing his best in the time he has.
    Perhaps he only spends a few minutes with your son each day and your son hasn't made much of an impression, so he uses a bland, polite description.
    Perhaps we all make spelling mistakes when we are typing in a hurry (even in "cathlic" schools).
    Perhaps there are bigger problems in schools to be concerned about.
    Perhaps it would be simpler to just bring this to the tutor's attention discretely - I'm sure he'll be embarressed enough without it being brought to his line manager's attention.
  12. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I would still be interested to know whether a y other communications you have had (other than the reports) have the wrong name, i.e. is it wrong on the 'system'?
  13. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    No other letters/emails etc have been spelt incorrectly. His name is spelt correctly on the front cover of the report, on the attainment page, the head of learning has spelt it correctly and so has the senior leader when writing her comment too. So it really cannot be blamed on the system.
    I hope to speak to someone in school today, waiting for a call.
  14. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    Spoken to the Director of Learning for the lower school and she agrees that it is <u>not</u> accepatble for the name to be spelt incorrectly and the comments to be the same as last year. Although she cannot say if it has been 'cut and pasted', but she is going to look at some others from last year, and this, to get an overview if others were complied in the same way .
    A comment bank is not used for the tutor comment and she feels the tutor should know my son well enough now to be able to write something different about him. She is going to say something to the tutor as in her words "it's just not acceptable" and this will be done without my son's name being mentioned.
    Thank you to everyone who made constructive comments and suggestions for me, I am very grateful they helped enormously :)
  15. I agree completely that repeatedly mis-spelling your son's name is careless and offensive, but I feel sorry for your son's tutor. I hope the school will handle this in a supportive manner. Perhaps your son could be taken out of lessons (and the teacher's lessons taught for him) so that they can spend time together and the teacher get to know your son better.

    I agree that it's important for pastoral staff to know their students, especially for when they have problems that they can't approach their family about and need support from a responsible adult, but time must be given for this relationship to be built.
  16. I really don't know why people are so eager to say the tutor is overworked etc, etc. It is unacceptable to send a report home with a mis-spelt name. It's not the same as posting on this site, which is informal - it's a formal document and it shouldn't happen.

  17. Agreed, I'd feel terrible if it were my mistake, and mistakes happen (just found one in minisidey's report), but I'd would just apologise and hope that the mum would accept that I'd made a typing error and no one else had proof read to check. Plus, this teacher probably does have their own comment bank, I know I do and the same comment applied to the child both times.
  18. I think it's a shame that you spoke to the Director of Learning who is now going to effectively spy on the teacher by checking all of their reports. Why could you not approach the teacher directly and raise the issue to their face? Some might say it looks like you are deliberately trying to get this teacher in trouble.
  19. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    The Director of Learning for the lower school (years 7 and 8) has been my first port of call before, this is how the school works if the admin team cannot solve the issue.
    My son travels to school out of town and therefore it is difficult for me to "call" into school to speak to his form tutor about the matter. The DoL is very happy to speak to parents in this way and I am certainly NOT trying to get the teacher into trouble as you say. I am, as a parent, asking for my son's, graded twice, "outstanding" school to spell his name correctly on his school report...not much to ask I feel. As for spying she can investiagte however she feels best.
  20. SodaPop

    SodaPop New commenter

    Thank you for your support.

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