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Songs with Mountains

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mrs Peel, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hi - Primary Mountains topic next term - would like to sing some really good songs - already have River Deep Mountain High, Climb Every Mountain and Aint No Mountain High Enough.

    I play the guitar well enough to accompany most singing - but already I'm having trouble with the keychange in Aint No...I'm not that good (yet)

    Any advice and help will be gratefully received.


  2. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    Have a look at this page on Sing Up. You can use the backing tracks if you don't want to play yourself. Aint no mountain is one of the songs.
    If you are not registered, it is free and well worth registering for the resources offered.
  3. bod99

    bod99 New commenter

    "A Young Austrian went yodelling" is great. It's in one of those little Sing for Pleasure books.
  4. v12


    She'll be coming 'round the mountain.
    The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (made famous by Laurel and Hardy, although sung by the Avalon Brothers I think)
    Go tell it on the mountain (Bob Marley)
    Big Rock Candy Mountain

  5. brookey1970

    brookey1970 New commenter

  6. What about 'Hushabye Mountain' from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, my daughter used to adore that song when she was little.
  7. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    In addition to the Sing Up songs:
    One of my favourites from my time in the school choir was The Happy Wanderer (I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track)
    Its in the Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay book:
    I know its a hill rather than a mountain - but there's also The Runaway Train (in the same book)!
  8. Any of these any good?

    MOUNTAINS (Biffy Clyro)
    YOU RAISE ME UP (Westlife)
    THE CLIMB (Miley Cyrus)
  9. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    There's also that beautiful Irish song, "The Mountains of Mourne".
  10. brookey1970

    brookey1970 New commenter

    RTQ (or, in the case of the 6th form, RTFQ)
  11. Thank you all so much
    Hushabye mountain! What a great idea!
    We will have great fun - they're a tricky bunch that I'm taking-on this term, after having a really poor teacher this year - they need lots of discipline and basic numeracy and literacy teaching, so this will be a great way to both lighten the experience and bring them together as a learning/performing team.
    Thanks again fro your help.
    Any more ideas still welcome!

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