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Songs in German

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MrsKJoel, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. MrsKJoel

    MrsKJoel New commenter

    We have an annual MFL X Factor and I need to find a song in German that's easy for yr 9 to learn, but impressive enough for me to win this (I always lose!).
    Does anyone have any good ideas please? I thought maybe a song from Grease (as that was this year's school musical) but I can't find them in German.
  2. I don't think you will find Grease songs in German because at least in the film version the songs aren't dubbed.
    What about NENA- 99 Luftballons?
    Or the Maus-Rap by Stefan Raab? This one could be a bit difficult because it's quite fast but the lyrics should be quite easy for them to understand for the most part. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaywhhTSWsQ
  3. what about Baby Schlag mich noch einmal by the wiseguys? fairly easy and they'll know the tune!!
  4. Don't forget to look at this music website sponsored by Goethe Institute
    called Step into German.


    It has music videos of many pop German groups. There are lyrics in English and German for each video Finally, there are very practical worksheets focusing on vocabulary for each of the songs. Some Internet sites for further research are listed in some of the worksheets as well.

    Under "For Teachers" is an excellent three-page booklet Musik in meinem Leben for advanced beginners. It is a mini teaching unit. It covers opinions, lots and lots of adjectives, the instruments [pictured], etc.

    Get your kids to download it at home on their computer. Saves paper.

    The Group --DIE PRINZEN has a nice song featured here, Millionär. Not too hard.
    Their antics are cute. Maybe your kids could act this out a bit too.

    There is also a map of Germany with links to the all the German soccer cities. There is a nice overview of each city with many photos. I believe this part is in English. But then there is a geography test in German. It's actually a fun activity. As you roll the mouse over the different Länder, the Wappen appear. However, you have to hit the exact sport in the Bundesland. For example: Wo spielt 1. FC Nürnberg? Under the map I got the message: Du bits ca. 51 Kilometer entfernt. Fast perfekt! This can be just a fun activity or you can make more of it.

    Under "For Teachers" there is a Soccer Dictionary [German -English glossary - 6 pages]

    There is a lot more at this site. Check it all out.

  5. I'd always go with a bit of Wolfgang Petry: Wahnsinn", and "Verlieben, Verloren..." are classics and have pretty simple choruses. A lot of my students think Wir Sind Helden is a good band, but the Wise Guys is a good choice. You could maybe learn Die Firma's Glücksprinzip (on stepintogerman) and get your students to join in the chorus!
  6. I found the PERFECT one! "Gimme hope, Joachim" it was the inofficial german world cup song and is supercatchy, also you can give different kids different lines. It has a very funny south park video going with it, too. This will be a winner!
  7. Looks as if you have lots of nice ideas here. I'm a big Wiseguys fan, too. Jetzt ist Sommer is a nice catchy tune. Not sure if you guys can do the acapella stuff or not. If not, talk to a friendly music colleague, who should be able to put together an accompaniment easily enough.
    Otherwise, I quite like Wir Sind Helden. (Bitte Gib mir) nur ein Wort is a nice tune too. Simple chorus for the less able, and get the brighter ones to share out the verses.
    You can often find guitar chords for songs. Google 'total guitar'.

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