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Songs for Achievement Assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by golf girl, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. golf girl

    golf girl New commenter

    Has anybody got any ideas for songs for an achievement assembly please? x
  2. Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but I'm doing a class assembly tomorrow about using talents etc and am using Proud by Heather Small and Shine by Take That.

  3. A good song that i recently heard a school sing in assembly was ugly by the sugarbabes. I suppose not really relevant for a celebration assembly but it worked well just for a normal assembly for the children to think about!!
  4. imanewteacher2007

    imanewteacher2007 New commenter

    CD called songs for assemblies. We use a track called 'well done' in our golden awards (celebrating learning every Friday). Children and staff love it
  5. Blythe - i'm about to do a class assembly on this topic next week. Did you find a script for this anywhere on the internet?

    P.S. I love your song choices!
  6. Nope, I couldn't find a suitable script so I just wrote a mediocre one myself! It depends how long your assembly will be: most of the ones I found were quite short and only involved a few children. As I wanted almost all of the children in my class to get involved I thought it would be easier to just do one myself.

    I would offer to send it through to you but I think it's rubbish! Our assembly is tomorrow so I can let you know how it goes then, fingers crossed!!!
  7. The Worlds Greatest By R Kelly hon :)
  8. There is a song called Well Done! in a book called Songs for every assembly from Out of the Ark Music. It is a congratulations track - they provide 2 versions of the song one to acknowledge competitive success and the other to congratulate and individual or team for achievment /effort. You can listen on line to song clips

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