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Something good happened at school today - a positive thread about Education - feel free to add your own. No miseryguts comments allowed.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impis, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. This happenend at school(Nursery) yesterday.

    We did a sponsored toddle waddle to raise money for meningitis trust. Why? At the beginning of term one of our 4 year old pupils was struck down by this terrible disease. She was seriously ill, but has recovered (not fully) and we decided to raise money and awareness for this charity. The little girl who 4 weeks ago was very, very poorly led her nursery friends twice round the school grounds.
    We have hopefully raised lots and lots of money!
  2. impis

    impis New commenter

    annapops - can you post the poem for us so we can all read it?

    Chistery - aahhhh - your story brought tears to my eyes too.
  3. annapops - nearly!! And then, when I got home and had a glass of wine...I did!
  4. impis

    impis New commenter

    Whoops. Too much baileys!

    I meant Webfoot [mot anapops] to please post the poem.

  5. I can't, sorry. I asked the men who had co-wrote it, if I could laminate a copy for the walls but they were embarrassed and said no. I think, then, that I'd better respect their wishes and not post it here either. Sorry. (it was basically about how much they missed their kids and how they were going to explain why they were away at the moment, and how they'd never leave them again.)
  6. impis

    impis New commenter

    Ooooer - I got one too, - I forgot about it. Not really 'at school' but close.

    I'm delivering an exam course for the first time, and at the training day for it, the board explained why there were no resources for it. I suggested that we [those present] shared any resources that we wrote to support the course. All agreed, and I've been sending one or two things in. The exam board say that they are so impressed with my stuff, they would like to write a letter to my Head and tell her.

    And not being the modest type, I gave them her address. [No sign of any letter yet though]

    One thing that is an 'in school' thing is that once a week, I teach two kids from the local PRU. They come to our new 'horticulture' venture. Neither have been in mainstream for some years [now aged 14]. Both have been expelled from their previous special provision [EBD schools]. Both have asked the PRU if they can come to me for an extra day per week. They will have to join one of our class groups, in order to do it - but they're willing to give it a go.
  7. I hate doing assemblies, and had been given one on the power of words to hurt (or something like). Still fairly new to the school. Sheepishly began my tale of woe about how rubbish I feel I am at art, due to an unkind comment received twenty five or so years ago from someone about a cartoon Garfield I used to draw loads. At the end, one of the edgier Year Six boys put his hand up and asked me to draw them a Garfield. I did so, and was waiting for the smartarse comment, but instead got a standing ovation from the whole school, and one of the Year Threes holding my hand and telling me I was a brilliant drawer!! Tears in my eyes, could hardly speak to lead the prayer!! Bless 'em.....
  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    Incitatus - you've got me all teary.

    Thats so lovely!
  9. An update on my naughty lad from a few posts ago!

    Well, he's an absolute star. This week has been really successful and he's been getting his stickers, hopefully adding up to a letter home by Friday. The best thing about this working is that other members of staff are realising what a fantastic lad he is underneath his bad behaviour!

    For example, he came over to see me at 4 o' clock after Drama club to show me his report. He'd got his 15 top marks for the day and I gave him a sticker...and he plonked himself down in my office and proceeded to yap at me for about 20 minutes, just because he was feeling so happy. He'd just found out he'd got a Level 6 on his German assessment, too; remarkable, seeing as though last term he spent more time sent out of German than in lessons! "If I got a Level 6 like that, imagine what I'd get if I didn't get red carded all the time?" he said. EXACTLY! And he was particularly chuffed, too, with other members of staff. "Teachers are like, talking to me and stuff, giving me credits and things! Saying Hello to me and stuff! Like they like me!" I replied, "Hmm, why'd you think that is?" He just beamed from ear to ear and nodded at me, saying "yeah, cos I'm behaving?"

    He's pretty lonely at home - only got Dad and no real friends - so I think that's why he plonked himself down and talked at me. He was telling me abotu how he loves fruit but never seems to get any, and how he wants a smoothie machine cos pre bought ones are expensive and full of sugar! And that he wants to be an actor, and if he can't be an actor, he wants to join the police.

    He just LOOKS so much more motivated and happy...SUCH a change from last term. Dad's being more positively attentive and members of staff are noticing, which my lad is LOVING.

    AWwwwwww it really does make me so, SO happy that working with him has, currently, paid off so much. He's like a changed boy. I hope he keeps it up. I just feel so WARM inside, and loved how happy he looked when he was yammering on at me. Am I horribly sad for being so happy about this?! :(
  10. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

  11. Madwoman, that is truly truly lovely. As a Pastoral Head myself, I know how your son's HOY was feeling with the crying and the pride! I feel the same about the lad who is currently my "project"...it IS all about praise and clear boundaries as he had simply had NO praise before. Awww. How's your son doing now?
  12. If it's the only thing I manage to get spot on, it has to be last period on a Friday. Whoever I teach, I spend ages planning because if I have a real shocker (not hard on a Fri P5) I'm rubbish at shrugging it off quick enough to get the best out of a Friday night. So finishing on a high note makes me think I'm a great teacher and teaching is the best job ever for almost the whole weekend....up to Sunday eve.
    Most of my kids are pretty good and they make me smile lots. They're brill with cheery 'Thanks Miss, Bye etc' I know it's just good manners but it's a start.
  13. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    thanks Pleugh, he has just gone into year 10 (dreaded GCSE years) he is doing really well. He has the odd hic cup now and again, mainly due to his very poor organisation ...does his homework and then loses it between home and school so looks as though he hasn't done it! that sort of thing. But he IS doing very well and is predicted reasonable grades.

    His teachers are amazing. They really do try to help as much as they possibly can. most e-mail me his homework and then I scan it and e-mail it back so it doesn't get lost etc. They really bend over backwards for him. It has made such a difference.

    keep up the good work folks...you're doing a grand job!
  14. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I was marking year 7 assessments this morning. One of the girls had scrawled graffiti all over her paper: "I love French" (my subject) = I was chuffed to bits!

  15. An ex-pupil contacted me to say that I had helped to shape his life and to thank me.
  16. impis

    impis New commenter

    Ah, Bluecow - that's lovely!
  17. impis

    impis New commenter

    Two ladies [employees] from Sainsbury's came to school today to present us with some gardening tools as part of their 'grow to eat' initiative. The tools are lovely - scaled down for little hands, bright colours, and in a great storage bag, with wheels, for easy moving. The press came and took pics of a couple of our littlest pupils grinning their heads off while 'watering' the ladies with a watering can.
  18. Today one of the least motivated pupils in my bottom set Y10 class was able to remember how an electric generator worked, and explain it to me just as the AHT was walking through my classroom (she's a Physicist too).

    Yesterday my challenging Y9 were able to describe wax changing from a liquid to a solid as 'freezing' without prompting - something my top set found tricky.

    Why do I find teaching lower groups so much more fulfilling than top ones?
  19. impis

    impis New commenter

    Yesterday, in my ppa time, I was able to do next week's planning. [only the 2nd time i've managed to achieve this] and thus freeing up my weekend!!

    A y8 boy, with ASD, who normally describes himself as 'a stupid ******' grinned from ear to ear as he ate the rock cakes he'd made in the afternoon. I wish i could wave a magic wand and give him the gift of happiness and contentment more often.
  20. Not a teacher (yet!), but this thread is lovely! It is the little differences that teachers can make that makes it such a wonderful profession:) Thank you all!


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