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Something good happened at school today - a positive thread about Education - feel free to add your own. No miseryguts comments allowed.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impis, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. ricjamclick

    ricjamclick New commenter

    Only read the OP.

    My positive addition, Impis, is that most if not all of my days - these days - are like this.

    More to the point, IS IT WITHIN MY CONTROL as to whether or not the programmes and sessions I run are a success because - apart from having time to plan, organise and deliver effectively (with resources to match) - I AM EMPOWERED AND TRUSTED WITH THE PROFESSIONAL RESPECT to make my own decisions and see these through, in my own way.

    And, forgive me if there is a touch of negativity here, I know that there are many working in mainstream education who simply don't have it as good as me. I -perhaps we - are incredibly lucky.

    This is how education should be.

  2. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    Asked to go & see my Head today(she told me it was for a nice reason - must have seen my look of horror!) - she said she is happy to put me through UPS 3 this year following a difficult year last year where I felt I didn't want to apply for fear of failure. Yay!
  3. One of the children (a very "closed" little girl) came up to me last week and said "I love you".

    THIS will seem so trivial but...a child still without a diagnosis but clearly with complex needs, actually looked at what I was helping her to draw, hand-over-hand, and attempted to do the same. Had been completely enigmatic and unreachable before then and showed no interest in anything - including drawing!

    Really made my day!
  4. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    During guided reading of a poem called 'wish', one child wished for my hair and another's wish was to be me. Awwww. They're 9 year olds so I was quite touched:)
  5. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I set my Year 7s a homework to find any graph or chart and tell me about it. As an example I showed them a bar chart of temperatures in Cyprus and they talked about the hottest month etc.

    While I was walking round this little sweetie called me over and said "Mrs BS I went to Cyprus in July last year and your bar chart was right. It is very hot!" He was sooooo cute and serious about it.

    I also had 20 kids volunteering to stay after school tonight for a Maths activity. It all sounds very whizzy but for this first session they had to measure and estimate lengths and angles. They all did it quietly for an hour and all leaving said how much they had enjoyed it. Bless!
  6. My big, bad, 'it's not cool to be clever' Y10 lad today sat at the back of the room and answered every single question I asked correctly.

    Ok, so he didn't do it out loud, he whispered them, but I could hear him and was SO impressed :)
  7. impis

    impis New commenter

    I have groups of kids from mainstream secondary [y10s] come over for a few hours a week. They have to write a 'diary' of what they have done that week. Today was the first time I'd checked what they had written. [they had taken the books back to their own school, and their support had promptly lost them]. [these are lower set, mainstream]

    One of them wrote: Today we went to homebase and bought some nice plants for the garden. We planted these out. We had a great time, and we sang on the minibus, all the way back to school.
  8. Yep - the sh*t hit the fan - about time too!
  9. impis

    impis New commenter

    Hey KT - are you ok? I'm not sure i understand your post. Have you put it in the right place?
  10. Yep! I have put this in the right place and I am definitely ok - I can't divulge on here the details but something that has been a long time in coming happened today to the relief of many.

    Maybe happier days are about to come now...
  11. impis

    impis New commenter

  12. We had the most fantastic open evening
  13. impis

    impis New commenter

    Details would be good..
  14. I want to burst!

    One of the kids in my House has been behaving really badly since the start of term (though he's always been on the naughty side). No focus, lots of repetitive noises he doesn't know he's making, doing things without thinking etc. Also, losing lots of motivation...thinking he's useless, refusing to eat cos he's "watching his weight" (even though being hungry makes his behaviour far worse)...was worrying me a LOT.

    I told his tutor to have him on report for a week but the tutor didn't really follow it through...and also, the lad didn't take enough responsibility for it either so it failed. I had a huge, sad conversation with his father yesterday detailing my concerns and his dad cried, saying he doesn't praise his son enough and how hard he finds bringing up the lad on his own. We put together a system of praise and reward (I asked the lad what he would like for getting all top marks on his report for a day/week and suggested credits, which add up to material rewards. He didn't want those - he wanted a sticker at the end of the day to show his dad, and a letter home if he gets a certain number of top marks during the week. Tells you a LOT).

    Today was his first day on report to me. I saw him at lunch and asked him to show me his report.

    ALL top marks - unheard of for him. NO sendings out. And he was chuffed to BITS. He's got one more lesson to go...I have my fingers crossed he can get his sticker. I was FULLY expecting bad marks but it was perfect...he looked so happy. ARGH, I hope this works. He really does think nothing of himself and if this helps to bring him up I will be over the moon.
  15. Also - doing something about the repetitive noises. He doesn't know he's doing them, gets told off, and just thinks "well, fck it, might as well misbehave now cos that's all I'm good for." Hopefully we'll find out if there's any underlying cause.
  16. bed

    bed New commenter

    thats ace

    fingers crossedfor a good lesson and a nice big fat sticker
  17. He got all top marks for his last lesson! I was there as I promised, and I asked him to show me his report. He replied, "come down the corridor, Miss...I don't want you to embarass me..." and he showed me with a huge grin on his face!! I gave him his sticker and told him how proud I was of him, and he replied, "I'm proud of MYSELF!" He went off home with a real spring in his step and a huge grin on his face.

    What a lovely start to the holiday!
  18. impis

    impis New commenter

    Oh, I hope he got his sticker too!
  19. post 99 -did you cry? I got moist-eyed just reading it!
  20. Last week - a group of adult men, in a basic literacy lesson in a prison. I was trying to explore reading, and I introduced it by starting a discussion about films/comedy (hoping this would be a good way in to the topic).

    Anyway it was one of those lessons (and a three hour session!) that just wasn't starting. It was dragging, no-one was engaged. So I skipped ahead in my lesson plan, deciding that things couldn't get any worse.

    "Ok, let's move on to poetry. Anyone read any?"

    I was expecting a no, so I could then produce my song lyrics and talk about rhyme etc.

    Then one guy says "Yeah I was thinking about this, this morning, I wanna send a poem to my daughter. Hey miss, you got any poems there I can send home?"

    "Er..." We looked through my folder but there wasn't anything suitable. They looked disappointed. "Find one for us for next week, would ya, miss?"

    On a whim, I said, "No. Let's write one. Now."

    (Lesson plan now screwed up and in bin).

    An hour later we'd jointly written a 16 line poem called "To my child" and they were refusing to go on break as they wanted to type it up. Other men on break from other lessons wandered in and I was made to stand and read it to the audience (I had to apparently, as "you got the poem voice, miss, and you know where to put the stops") It was surreal to have a circle of hard men, all misty-eyed and wanting copies of it.

    It's made me smile ever since.

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