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Something good happened at school today - a positive thread about Education - feel free to add your own. No miseryguts comments allowed.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impis, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. mangochutney

    mangochutney New commenter

    I have had a lovely start back:

    New year 9 form told another member of staff I was lovely.

    I heard my new year 10 class saying that they'd learnt more with me in one week than with their last teacher and I made lessons more fun.

    My new year 12 class has several old year 11's from last year and they said they were glad they had me

    My new year 7 class told me they'd really enjoyed their homework.

    Some of the old members of my form came to chat to me and said though they liked their new form teachers they didn't 'talk' with them like I did.

    A year 11 who I had a bit of a run in with last year secretly put a present on my desk (I though it was lost property though until her head of year told me!)

    And I am constantly warmed by the friendliness and lack of cliques in our staffroom. Everyday I go to the staffroom for lunch and have a really good laugh with such a range of people!

    This is such a lovely thread; even though many aspects of our schools annoy us it is good to get some perspective!
  2. I had a letter telling me I was the runner up in a competition I had forgotten I had entered :)
    It was a 'design a program for an interactive whiteboard' comp.... and there seems to be a cash prize!

    My classes are lovely, even if I do only have 2 y13 students.

    And the pupils from the special school who came into my science lessons last year made a beeline for my room today - they were quite sad they aren't with me this year, but we did have a nice chat about the holidays
  3. impis

    impis New commenter

    The boss said I could have a sheep.
  4. wow! i want a sheep!
  5. impis

    impis New commenter

    Yeah, but i'd have to give it back, once its grown fat and juicy...

    Not sure I could.

    [The idea would be to 'borrow' a little lamb from a farm, and raise it - then off back to the farm it goes, at the end of the summer - with neither me, nor the boss, wanting to know what happened to it after.]

    She wasn't totally against the idea of keeping a pig, either......
  6. there was some lunch left by the time i got to the canteen.

    and 3.30 arrived
  7. Today...

    ...my Year 11s TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD a poem from the Anthology!!

    I've been trying to teach them analysis SKILLS rather than the poems themselves, and today I gave them a poem and said, "get on with it" to see how they'd cope.

    In pairs, they went through all the steps of analysis we'd agreed as a class, and actually did some INDEPENDENT LEARNING (!!!) By the end of the lesson they were able to tell me all about the poem USING THE KEY POETIC DEVICE WORDS, without me having to tell them any of the answers!!

    I nearly cried at the end of the lesson. There is hope for them yet!!
  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    Blimey, pleugh! I couldn't even do that!

    Well done to your students.
  9. Today I had to have rather an awkward conversation with a parent about something their 10 year old daughter had been overheard saying. The parents are also well known for being awkward. All actually went quite well and at the end of the day the DH called me to say how pleased she was with how I'd handled the situation, that she was impressed with my sensitivity when talking to the difficult parents and she was doubly impressed with the speed at which I'd dealt with it all and got the situation resolved.

    So nice to have a pat on the back from SMT for doing something that isn't even really outside the realms of your job description!
  10. talking to the SENCO today, she assumed that i was an experienced teacher (rather than an NQT), because the TAs and SEN pupils have been so enthusiastic about my lessons!
    also, my HOD came in to tell my class how great they sounded singing.
  11. I introduced one of my former pupils [ an IT whizz who also happens to have AS ]to a range of resources which brought him joy.

    He had a ball and I had a ball watching him. I love my job.
  12. Had a discussion with Year 12 today - everybody was animated and reflective in turn and we ended it by having a good belly laugh together.
  13. I started my wall display before lunch, but left it while I went to do my duty. Thinking that I'd finish it after my lunch duty.
    When I got back to my classroom, the display was done.
    Some of my Y11 pupils had popped in to say hi, as I wasn't there and the display stuff was all laid out, they decided to give me a hand.
    They'd left me a note on my whiteboard explaining what they'd done.
    I nearly cried.
    It wasn't quite straight but I'm keeping it as a reminder of how wonderful the kids are and how much I enjoy working with them.
  14. awww that's a special moment BlueCow
  15. Katie_B

    Katie_B New commenter

    do you think you could train my year 3's in the art of displays for me bluecow? it would be much appreciated.
  16. my y4 class are wonderful kids, well behaved, moivated and loving. Whilst working away today on a writing excercise i noticed one boy staring into space. I went and tapped him on the shoulder saying 'are you daydreaming' 'in a way' he replied, then went on to say he was on holiday in his head cos then you can go anywhere.

    awwwww...brought tears to my eyes.
  17. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Had open evening this week for Year 6. One of my Year 7s, who I have only taught for a week, said to a parent "You'll be alright if you get Ms BS, she's a great teacher." Bless!

    One of my Year 10 bottom group said to me this week "I've had you for over 2 years now and you're the best teacher I have. I don't do anything like as much work for anyone else." I did ask him to put it in writing to the Head but he seems to think I'm joking.
  18. Am off school after fracturing my arm in a fall at work last week and a large envelope of cards has just arrived- from staff and current class and some of last year's class and parents!

    So lovely to feel appreciated!
  19. One of my Y9 pupils said I was "a well good teacher", and that he'd never done this much work for anyone. And one of my Y11 pupils who never does HW, did it for the first time.
    The wonders will never cease....next week is open week for me, so there could be something good every day.
    (Big contented sigh)

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