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Something good happened at school today - a positive thread about Education - feel free to add your own. No miseryguts comments allowed.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impis, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. impis

    impis New commenter

    Wow - nice to return from a good day at school to over 20 lovely additions to this thread...

    Our lovely year 10s and a couple of year 11s did some very heavy manual work today - shifting topsoil - a task which I thought they might baulk at. However, they did themselves proud, and worked steadily at it til I stopped them with some tiptops as a treat.

    I bet they'll ache tomorrow!
  2. To repeat myself from another thread:

    I had a lovely day, lovely day, lovely day. I had a lovely day, what about you?
  3. impis

    impis New commenter

    What was so lovely about it?
  4. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    I heard this lovely anecdote from one of our primary staff a couple of days ago:

    She was doing playground duty and approached a little girl who had only just joined the school.

    Teacher: "Your new to """" school aren't you?"

    Small child: "No I'm not!"

    Teacher: "Really?"

    Small child: "No, I've been here since Monday"

    She felt quite at home within 2 days.

    It is that sort of school.
  5. Thank you for asking impis. The sun shone, I met my very lovely form group, I chatted to a friend whilst on break duty, I taught my wonderful year 13s, I ate lunch with friends, My year 12s were ok, and I got home in time to pick up my kids.

    It was a lovely day.
  6. Mine is from a parents point of view, hope that's okay.

    My eldest has SEN and finds change and new routines very difficult and usually when the schools return in September, he finds it very hard to settle.

    His first week back has been wonderful, his teacher has been great and he has been fine, no sign of the difficulties he has displayed in the past. Long may it continue.
  7. cuteinpuce

    cuteinpuce Star commenter

    I've had such a lovely first three days of teaching (though I'm completely cream crackered and the computer screen is currently swirling about in front of my eyes in a way that reminds me of my first experiences of drinking).

    Haven't a clue what I'm doing 90% of the time but I do it anyway and it seems to work. And today two of my brilliant Year 1s told me that they loved me - little sweeties.

    Right, I'm off to bed with a glass of red wine and I suspect I'll be well out for the count before I'm half way through it.

    Gawd, teaching is a fantastic job!
  8. Surprisingly wonderful day that I had been dreading!

    My form listened quietly and attentively while I explained the new pastoral protocols, my new Year 9s are an absolute delight, my Year 11 have returned that little bit older and wiser and actually *asked* to stay behind to redraft coursework for the rest of the term, Year 10 actually stuck to the new pastoral stuff, Year 8 worked in silence when told to and my little Year 7s are so lush I could squeeze them!

    Long may it continue!
  9. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Nice post BP, hope you and yours have a good year.
  10. My new (KS1) class are lovely with a few livewires; who make it interesting I suppose. Had to leave school for a meeting at lunchtime and returned for last lesson. Had stuck my hair up in a clip so it didn't blow in my face in the car (very hot - windows wide open). When I returned they were all convinced I'd been to the hairdressers (which made me smile). Towards the end of the day one of the girls was faffing with her hair band, I told her to leave it adding that her hair looked lovely; she replied straight off "but it doesn't look as beautiful as yours" Bless! x
  11. My first week ever as a TA has been brilliant! I love my class (Yr4) and have had a great (but tiring!) time learning from them :)

    There were two lovely points about today - first was when the children came in and all said "Morning Miss" as they passed me and then in the afternoon when one of our quiet girls said "I like the colour you have on today Miss"

    Aww, bless them!
  12. Some of my Y11's are playing in a brass band in the bandstand of the town park this weekend and they asked me if I would like to go along to see/listen to them.

    How sweet is that - I was so pleased to be asked!

    And all my Y10 pupils handed their Homework in on time and all of them have tried really hard.

    And my Head teacher told me I ran a superb dept and that I made her day joyous, that the GCSEresults were excellent and that i was doing a great job!
  13. I have recently started as KS leader at a new school. I am loving it. The school is amazing (set in 12 acres of beautiful grounds), the staff are friendly, fun and a good laugh (very down to earth) and the leadership is consistent and strong whilst also very thoughful, today our HT and DHT presented everyone with a cream tea at 4 to say 'well done' after the first week-the difference between my present school and the working conditions (and certain very dull members of my ex colleagues) is huge. Really enjoying my new role, next week after school on Friday we are all going for a drink after work, little things, but no one ever once suggested that in my six years at my previous school. It's a breath of fresh air.
  14. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Last period Friday afternoon and I had the first of my once a fortnight class of babysitting year 11 girls who go and do a college course on Mondays and have this "saggy time" on Friday pm. Assured they would all be busy and occupied, got there and there was no work set at all, cast eye across large proportion of snarlies, awkwards and mis-fits.

    Our new "Hair and Beauty" cover-supervisor came and took about 15 of them as she was free (!) and their course wasn't offering what she could do. I was left with 10 others all of whom had found work and got down to it within 10 mins (including next weeks maths h/w in one case!). Not a relaxing lesson, but we chatted while they worked, talked about all sorts of stuff, many bridges built and perceptions on both sides changed. Went to see how H&B lady was doing, she was doing fantastic and was even thankful to me (!) that she was able to do this today and every Friday pm.

    Expectation - battle and stress.
    Actual - really nice lesson, valuable and productive.
  15. The biggest pain in the A*** year 6 getting wacked in the face with a leather football. Karma!!
  16. This morning I had 7 PostIts on my monitor, 11 emails and 4 phone calls to return. Before I could address any I had to support training lasting all day. The sun was beaming and we were all indoors - I thought everyone would be miserable and resentful. At the end, all the evaluations were very positive and one woman was particularly effusive.

    I left the hall pretty chuffed. Got back into the office and kept going until all the other matters were addressed bar 2 which need someone else's input.

    There's something very satisfying about getting through a list while thanks are still ringing in one's ears. Great end to the week.
  17. what a lovely thread! will definately hotlist it for when i need cheering up.
    had a lovely (though hectic) day today. five classes, and they were all really nice, even bottom band year 11. my highlight? when the TA (supporting a year 7) said how much she'd enjoyed my lesson, and was looking forward to next friday!
  18. I love my job :)

    It's been a chaotic start but it was great to hear some of my yr10 class say they've missed me over the summer :)

  19. impis

    impis New commenter

    Today 3 students came to our school. They are from the PRU and all have been expelled from their previous school.

    They were all terrified.

    Again, the digging won them over, and by the end of the session, they were happily munching on tea and toast, and discussing how to get here on their own for next week's session.

    What is it, about digging, that kids love so much??
  20. there was something in the paper the other day about how it's now 'a treat' to be allowed to get muddy. maybe that's it?
    glad it was good though, impis. my year 9s agreed to sing more readily today, so that's progress!

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