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Somerset SCITT Primary PGCE 2012/13

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Cueballz, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hey! I've just found this thread - am also doing the primary pgce starting in Sept, and will be communting from Exeter too! Haven't found a house yet though. Where are you at the moment? :)
  2. I live in Exeter.. well Exmouth really.Good luck with finding a house. Would you be possibly be interested in sharing travel?
    my e-mail is cartersaraht@gmail.com
  3. Has anyone heard anything at all?

    Start date?

    Pre-course assignment?

  4. No nothing yet, must be soon though?
  5. lilac25

    lilac25 New commenter

    Hi All
    Having just finished the early years pgce with scitt, thought i would share a few things with you. I know the course may change from year to year, so this is just what happened on my year.
    Generally you do not know information until august. Then you will be given a start date, and the pre-course assignment. There are 5 assignments in all, 2 'practise' ones, and the other 3 count towards the masters credits.
    As for pre course reading. All the information about the course in on their computer sytsem called fronter. Everything about the course will be on here. You will be shown how to use it on the first day. On here you will have the module handbook, and on here will be a reading list for each module.
    Many of the lectures are at Taunton, but we also went to other places. You do have to be prepared to travel somewhat. We went to bridgwater, place near bath and in our year all the science sessions are held at street. There were also 2 x 2 day residentials, one in London, one near chard.
    To be honest, scitt are not great at communicating!! Sometimes we would find out things last minute, and sometimes you only find out your placement a couple of weeks beforehand. May be different this year, this was just our experience.
    You can look up global development, but it is covered quite well, so don't worry if not.
    It is a very intense year. Sleep now, and warn family and friends that you will be busy. Be as organised as you can early on and make sure you leave some free time as well
    Good luck to you all x
  6. Thanks for the advice. I have been buying a few books but I best advice I have had from previous scitt students is to just relax during the holidays to ensure your ready for September! How is everyone starting to feel about it? If you asked me a couple weeks ago I would have said nervous and scared; right now I feel ready.. it is strange how it just changed
  7. I was emailed today offering me the opportunity to take the SEN specialism route.. have some difficult thinking before friday!
  8. bex6668

    bex6668 New commenter

    I have just accepted a place on the english specialism route, I think it will be fine and its worth doing for the extra time in school.
  9. I've just accepted a Science specialism. I think the extra time in school will be really good.
  10. Yeah see I wouldnt have minded a maths, english or science but the SEN is a completely different cohort in different schools and is very indepth special needs and that isnt what i want to do even though I have done for the last year.
  11. bex6668

    bex6668 New commenter

    You could always turn it down and see about doing one of the other subjects?
  12. I was interested in doing SEN but actually if you wanted to go on to be a SENCO later you would still need to do the National SEN award I think. So maybe another subject or general would be better and then you could specialize later.
  13. Pre-course tasks arrived! Something to get your teeth into!! lol Good luck guys x
  14. Finally got on but can't download the assignment template document. Has anyone been able to download it?
  15. I did have some problems but I then upgraded my word and was able to open it. When i clicked it I went into choose a programme to open in word and it worked. If you really can't open it drop me an email x
  16. I've managed to open it now on my work laptop, its obviously more up to date then mine! Thanks x
  17. Anyone know how we can access the books from the reading list? Also, do we have a Worcester University log in?
  18. We have to find the books ourselves.. local libraries etc and what we can find online. I havent heard anything else from SCITT about a Worcester log on sorry
  19. bex6668

    bex6668 New commenter

    If you don't want to buy all the books you could always use google books? Just copy and paste the title of the book into google and most of the book will be viewable.
  20. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Hi all, I just thought i'd post as I have agreed to take on a SCITT student this year so one of you might be coming to me! Good luck all :)

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