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Somerset SCITT 2011/2012

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by pgceApplico, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hello
    A very long shot given that the response to a recent search of 'Somerset SCITT' yeilded some very old results! But I'll try anyway! Has anyone here been accepted onto the Primary/Early Years SCITT for September start?
    Would be nice to see/hear someone on here in the same situation. I have just got my offer and now really looking forward to September. If there is anyone else in the same situation please reply.
  2. Hello! How nice to finally find a couple of posts from fellow Somerset Scitt students. There has also been a recent post from Sarah who has gained a place. Congratulations on the offer! I'm really looking forward to September too.
    How will you be spending the next few months? Have you got studies to complete?
  3. Hello

    Yes, it's great to finally hear from some Somerset Scitt-ers! Just wondering when you both had your interviews and how soon did they let you know that you had an interview? I've rung them a few times now, and I've been told I'm shortlisted for interview in March and just need to wait for the email regarding this...won't be happy until I get this email!

    How did the interview go?
  4. Hi! My interview for Somerset Scitt was mid January, and I have to say (although the preparation and worrying in the lead up to it was quite stressful) the day itself was really enjoyable and confirmed for me that I had chosen the right place to apply. The course is run by people who are incredibly reassuring and helpful. The day itself was pretty full on, but stimulating. I hope you hear soon, fingers crossed!

  5. Congratulations to those that have already got on. Good luck to those still to interview. I had my interview the end of January and had an agonising wait until the decision. But I am pleased with how it went. To echo an earlier comment the day is rather 'full on' but you will enjoy it.
    The next few months? I will be trying to learn as much as possible! Mainly about anything and everything to do with Primary!!! No, I have no studies to finish, that for me was completed a number of years ago!
    Great to see some other Somerset-ers!
  6. Hi all,

    I too have been accepted on Primary PGCE with Somerset SCITT and I can not quite believe it I really am going to be a teacher. lol I think we met when I had my interview Sam. Congrats to all who have heard and good luck for those waiting. See you in September. [​IMG]
  7. Hey salsa when was your interview date?
  8. Just can't believe I have an offer!!! Received it today and am now behaving like a primary pupil!! WOOOOO HOOOO!
    Can't wait until September, and now just want all the information!!!!!

  9. Conrgratulations Angelengine! Great news & well done!
    In other news, I've started up a blog that I was hoping might become a bit of a community thing for potential Somerset scitters. If anyone is interested in contributing or has any ideas please email me pgcescitt (at) gmail.com

  10. Friday 21st January.
  11. Okay thanks nope weren't on my day! Well done to those joining the post you did well! Just can't wait for September!
  12. Thanks for the find
  13. Yeah, I looked at that in the run up to applying. It's a shame the twitter feed is no longer active - and I briefly tried to find contact details for the author in the hope of getting some input into a new blog (although as he's now a Qualified Teacher I'm sure he's rushed off his feet!)
    The blog is up now, and I'd really value any help or input. http://www.somersetpgce.blogspot.com For anyone looking for an interesting starting point for reading up on teaching I have been reading 'Beginning Teaching, Beginning Learning' - quite helpful and very interesting. I'd love to know more about what will be happening with the national curriculum for Primary - has anyone seen any interesting websites?
  14. Fabulous blog...........well done you for getting it started! It will be a great way to stay in touch with each other. I think I am still waiting for the euphoria to die down! xx
  15. Hi everyone,
    I have just been offered a place on Somserset Scitt course for this Sep, (SO happy!) so thought I would see if there were any others out there...clearly I have hit gold. Was really nice to read all your posts, and Fuchsia - the blog is amazing, really inspiring and makes me feel like I need to be way more proactive! I am in the last bit of my final year at Uni so will definitely get more involved with looking at teaching things when I've waved goodbye to these essays. Really looking forward to meeting you all in the near future! xx
  16. hey cymbal!

    congratulations. See you posted a few days ago! We are here, just waiting for the next stage now!
  17. Hi all, I feel all lonely hardly anyone posts on the GTP thread lol
  18. hey salsa

    have you heard anymore, as a GTP, since you got accepted (medical forms etc?)
  19. Hi,
    No havent heard anything about medical or anything but have heard about placement and arranged an interview. Yuck I have to do a half hour activity with ten children on fractions and then a formal interview to discuss my experience and my educational philosophy. Can't believe it is so formal after being accepted onto the gtp.

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