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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. So today is the day, in theory, that Student Finance opens its doors to application for the 2011-12 Academic Year...how could anything go wrong...
  2. Had a quick try this afternoon and my Firefox browser advised me that the website was a security risk (out of date or incorrect security certificate) Ha! Think I'll try again at the weekend.
  3. oh really? Great start lol.
  4. Which is why Im applying as early as possible lol
  5. best of luck !!
  6. haha
  7. Firstly, I realise I have probably posted this before yet here it is again!

    Has anyone heard anymore?
  8. More eerie silence then.....I suppose it's a good thing that none of us have heard any more. It'll probably take them some time while they figure out which PGCE applicants are moving over to the GTP &c. &c. Hopefully we'll hear something soon though!!!
  9. I got a fees form through the post.
  10. My terrible post strikes again! Just spoken to the ever helpful Somerset Scitt, apparently more forms will be on their way by the end of next week.
  11. ilovesparklythings

    ilovesparklythings New commenter

    I did Somerset SCITT (Primary) a few years ago so if you have any queries or questions I would be more than happy to help if I can. When I started it was really hard to find anyone on here that did Somerset SCITT!
    Good Luck for Sept

  12. yes me too!
  13. thanks for the info!
  14. haha.
    I figured it would be Sept 1st as that's when my Children start back at school, but I'll wait and see!
    A summer of freedom...sounds good!
    How did you find the structure of the course overall? I mean from the start, with 9Months in front of you it must look like a heck of a mountain to climb.
    QTS tests! Yes I have the books lol. Thanks for answering my questions!
    P.S. Do you work in Somerset now?
  15. another few hoops gone :)
  16. Hi guys,
    I'm starting my PGCE with SCITT Somerset in September. Have you received the pre-course assignment info? I'm seriously scared!!
  17. Yeah, looks great doesn't it.
  18. everyone relishing the assignment?
  19. Has anybody received any more information? I.e. Dates of residentials or anything at all apart from the online courses and pre course assignment?
  20. Hi Ruby.

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