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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. sorry didnt mean it was silly.

    yep,more info soon i hope!!!
  2. Somerset school term dates are up here: http://www.six.somerset.gov.uk/sixv3/content.asp?did=12311 which doesn't really help in terms of the start of the course, but might give us an idea of where half terms will fall and how the academic year works in Somerset...

  3. lol i have that it came out a couple weeks ago.
  4. just bought:
    Begin Teaching, Begin Learning...I need now to begin reading!!! looks a good book.
  5. Are we both scrabbling around on the internet looking for the same things? Hehe, well I suppose we'll find out soon enough what's happening...
    Have you had any more info since they updated the GTTR? I'm wondering what we're supposed to do (if anything) about the health check?
  6. I really enjoyed it, and I'm pretty sure it will come in useful? I also bought 'How to Survive Your First Year in Teaching' which was much less useful - mainly as it's aimed at people who are starting to teach and I am still months away from even starting my PGCE!
  7. haha probably,

    Im not sure about the health check.

    As for the GTTR, I had my GT9 through the post after I acepted the Offer, I assume you did too?
  8. I haven't had anything (but my post is very unreliable)- and also I don't know what a GT9 is (apart from being a reeeally expensive car? Eek?
  9. Ahhhhh, so you've read it. I've yet to start, but I like that it has multiple authors so that your not tracked into thinking in one dimension (or viewpoints, valid or otherwise...) Which I guess with educational texts can happen
  10. lol i dont think the GTTR give those away do they...? nice if they did.

    Sorry a GT9 is just a postal version of the conditional offer acceptance. Just basically says on paper that I have firmly accepted a conditional offer with the SCITT
  11. Having just spoken to the GTTR I can confirm that unfortunately they are not in a position to give away GT9 Porches at the moment.
    And I can also confirm that my post is RUBBISH and I should have recieved a letter (not a car) ages age. *sigh*
    Thanks for your help Applico!
  12. Oops 'Ages age' should have read 'ages ago'. I think I need to stop typing and get some fresh air!
  13. Congratulations Ruby,
    Does anyone know about residentials that we apparently do in Sept in Devon for four days? I am led to believe it takes place at the Magdalen Project.
  14. [*]Well done Ruby!![*]

    Salsa - I haven't heard this mentioned before, did they bring it up on your interview day?
  15. Well done Ruby!

    I don't think I've got in, you had your interview the day after mine didn't you? How did they let you know?

    ...bracing myself here :-(
  16. Ok, so my fears were confirmed, got home from work yesterday to find a rejection letter waiting for me. Not really sure how I feel, very disappointed of course, but also quite angry - I'm unable to apply anywhere else now, as most other places are now full. I would understand if my application had been sent to them quite late on, but they received way back at the end of October, which gave them plenty of time. To have waited so long and then to not be offered a place at the end of it has left me feeling completely disheartened. I know the TDA funding allocation was an issue this year, but I still feel I could've had some sort of outcome sooner, even just having an interview a few weeks earlier would've helped. Anyway, such is life, and I know there must be many others who have had a difficult application process too. This forum has be a great help though. I wish you all the very best for September, well done for getting this far and good luck for your futures in Education.
  17. Hi Maria. So sorry to hear your news it is a completely rubbish system, you may have some luck after the clearing process. I know it's hard but you did get an interview many of the people who are on my course doing a degree in teaching and learning did not get an interview. I know that they use a point based system so you had enough points for the interview. Try to take heart from this knowledge. x
  18. Oh Maria, I was so sorry to read your news this morning. I understand your frustrations, and I have to agree that the whole application process this year has been a shambles.
    I hope you can start to feel positive about it, you're clearly very motivated about teaching and this will stand you in good stead with future opportunities.
  19. Congrats!!!
  20. So Sorry to hear that SM

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