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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hi again SM.

    Good luck with the interview. As I said previously things may vary from batch to batch. However, barring IT meltdown at your venue I would think it "likely" that you will have the audits. (It doesnt say it on the interview material though).
    Most SCITTs have a Math, English and Science audit. Not so much to catch you out, but more to assess what help might be required in certain areas on the course proper.
    Dont worry to much about it, but preparation is better than worry!
    Again, good luck. Keep us informed
  2. Hello and thanks for the responses.
    For the Cambridge IGCSE you are allowed to use calculators. So I have not had to do mental arithmetic for about 30 years. I will do plenty of sums before the day if they invite me.
    I also need to look at science as well as I did my O level in 1986 and have not thought about science since. I taught some science vacation courses with my EFL students, but when I called the office they said the test is to GCSE standard.

  3. Hi Fuschia

    You mentioned that you stayed in Bridgwater the night before your interview - just wondering whether you could recommend anywhere?
  4. Hi SM,
    I stayed at Lowden's House http://www.tauntonguesthouse.co.uk/ which was a two minute walk from the school where the first part of the interview took place. It was friendly, helpful tidy and clean and started me off with a good breakfast!
    Good luck with the interview, remember try not to worry about it, be confident and enjoy the day. Don't stress about the audits, I'm pretty sure they don't affect the outcome of the interview. If they highlight an area that needs improving then any offer may be made with a condition that you work on that subject.
    All the best!

  5. Hi FG,

    Thanks for your help, looks like a nice b&b! Ah I see, you're school was in Taunton then, mine is in Bridgwater, so haven't decided where to stay yet or even just going down in the morning instead. And another thing guys, how do you get to make paragraphs on here?! Everytime I press return to do a new paragraph, it never seems to come out when I post! So annoying and it looks like I can't write!
  6. I think the paragraphs thing is something to do with Macs? I've seen other people who've had the same problem.
  7. haha, it makes us look like we need to go back to school! Worst thing is if you make a typo and cant go back!!! Grrr...
    Got my GT9 today, hooray!
    SM best of luck, (know its easy to say but they are very nice!) dont worry sure you`ll ace it.
  8. Hi Salsa,
    I'm studying with Bournemouth uni at Bridgwater college, this is my top up year as I have also completed a three year foundation degree. I'm hoping that the fact I've studied recently will stand me in good stead for the assignments we will need to do!

  9. Hello everyone,
    I have just returned from a break after finishing my degree. It is good to see lots of enthusiasm and excitement amongst fellow applicants! Yes I remember you Sally, congratulations on the place, I wish you all the best for finishing your studies and look forward to seeing you and everyone else in September.
    Thank you for starting the blog FG, I think it will be invaluable as we all prepare for the course. I will be sure to contact you whenever I come across useful reading. I am just about to catch the panorama programme iplayer as recommended by Sally.
    Good luck on your interview SuperMaria. From what I can recall there is an interview tomorrow, which I was offered when my interview date (21st January) fell in the middle of my exam period. Because all the staff involved with the day were so supportive and encouraging there is nothing to be overly nervous about as long as you have prepared!
    In the coming months I will be preparing my move to Somerset so may need to seek some advice from any locals!
  10. Thats really strange as I know of someone who has only just applied after talking to them and being encouraged to apply and also of two other people who have their interview next week?

    Regarding the two programmes they both show that subject knowledge is not what makes a good teacher. More that you make the children feel valued and that you care about them. I did wonder with both programmes if the young people behave better because of the cameras or worse? I look forward to the rest of Jamie's programme to see what happens.

  11. I often wonder that - having cameras in the classroom must be so intrusive and disruptive, but the effects are rarely mentioned in documentaries such as these. Looking forward to watching the programmes - David Starkey has been widely criticised for his approach, and from what I've read he deserves the criticism!
  12. Yeah I must admit, I was really surprised to see that it had changed to no vacancies. I know that this only happened very recently; when I had my interview on wednesday 4th march, it still said vacancies, I think it only changed thi morning! Not really sure what to think...perhaps those who have an interview are maybe for the early years pgce?
  13. I was shorlisted for a Primary 5-11 interview but they filled their quota and encouraged me to interview for early years 3-7, which I will.
  14. Maramril, when were you told this? Was this recently?
  15. My application was sent to them on 21st Feb (my 2nd choice). I was told this on Monday. I told them on Wednesday I would like to interview for Early years.
    I would not jump to any conclusions...No vacancies probably means they do not need anyone to apply now as with all the interviews done - and to be done - they will have enough people to fill the course.
    Call them. I have found them to be very open and helpful.

  16. Ah ok I see, although when you say that you were told on Monday about the early years one, this would've been before my interview on weds...so I'm unsure whether they were taking this into account when they told you...

    I can't imagine anywhere that would interview people, knowing that they had filled the places already...that's what I'm confused about really - how far in advance did they know it was full. oh well eh....
  17. My guess is they know (from their figures) that there was no point in inviting me to interview as they would not have places left after giving places to successful applicants in interviews being held now.
  18. Hi everyone,
    Not seen the forum for a few weeks and is good to see its still thriving. I'm sure this may have been said by now but I think its worth says again, with regard to the course vancancies.
    Last year my choice closed, or at least put on the GTTR that it was full. But i had been invited to interview after this date. Obviously worried I phoned. It was explained that they had the potential pool, and from that pool, they were likely to fill there places.
    Therefore, with the vacancies they had, and the pool of interviewees they had, it was likely they could fill the course. Therefore they closed GTTR as no more applicants were needed. This is not to say after all interviews are over that they wont reopen to GTTR, just unlikely. That was my experience anyway.
    I hope that everyone is okay. Does anyone have a projected start date (from anyone that started this year) I know the Schools go back very early September this year!
  19. There are few things in life that are certain, that for us is one of the certainties!!!!!!
  20. Ha! True, it was a silly thing to say.

    As for the start date - I have no idea? I'm hoping we might get some more information soon, but I expect they're still busy with interviews/shortlisting &c.

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