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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Ok not to worry, I might just ring them and say that I've not got the degree cert and could I forward it to them later, if I get accepted. Same with my birth cert, might just see if I can bring both my passport and drivers licence...
  2. Oh and also, slightly confused, they said bring the certificates AND photocopies of them? Is this a typo, did they mean that they're doing the photocopies or do I have to bring the documents AND photocopies myself? seems a bit odd...
  3. SM - I think they need to ID (Birth Cert / Passport) for the CRB check, and it's possible if they've asked for the originals and the photocopies that it's because they wont have a photocopier available on the day. The probably need to see the originals and then keep the copies.
    Best just to ring though, especially about the degree certificate. I'm sure you can't be the onlyy person who's been in this situation, It's a miracle I've still got all of my certificates!
  4. Ah ok, that's fine I'll get on to it, just seemed abit odd so just wanted to check with you guys to see what you thought. Yeah I'll definitely ring them too. FG - I will email you about the blog when I know the outcome of the interview - don't want to jinx it! I'm loving that this thread has reached five pages - Keep it going everyone!
  5. Fingers crossed for you SM!
  6. Hi Maria, The website is very out of date and the actual taught sessions are at Cannington about 5 miles out of bridgewater.

  7. Hey

    Has anyone that has been accepted onto the course had GTTR updated, or is it still showing as 'interview'.

    Am I being impatient or am I not alone in wondering this. If anyone that has received an offer can tell me the status of theirs this would be great. I'm just wondering If they are awaiting the second reference etc before putting an offer status onto the system?
  8. Hi, My status is the same I have received an offer but it still says interview. So don't panic lol.
  9. Lol PHEW!

    I know it's silly but it's those things you think about!!

  10. Just finished an assignment on motivation and half of the next on learning styles only 1 left to do and the small matter of a dissertation. But so close to the end now woohoo.
  11. Keep going Salsa![​IMG]
  12. Thanks Sarah, You too what is your location?
  13. Congratulations!

    Just received mine! Conditional on CRB, reference and health check! Accepted on GTTR straight away! Very close now!!!
  14. Congrats too! Good luck in the assignments.
  15. Congrats to everybody Sept is when the real work begins lol enjoy the summer. [​IMG]
  16. Hi Salsa, I'm just outside taunton and about half an hour from Cannington so its all quite local for me...you?
  17. Hi Sarah, So who are you doing your degree with? I am near Street so local for me too, I am currently doing the third year with Worcester Uni in conjunction with SCIL an previous 2 years did foundation degree with them at cannington just wondered if we knew each other?
  18. Hello all,
    I might be invited for an interview at Somerset SCITT Primary as I have been rejected by my first choice. Admissions told me I had not done well in the maths audit (I got a grade A in Cambridge IGCSE maths in May 2010).
    It would be great if those who have doen the interviews could tell me what the topic of the presentation might be and do Somerset SCITT operate a pass / fail policy for the maths, English and science tests? Also what kinds of questions do the children ask when you are interviewed by the panel at the school?
    Your help would be appreciated.
  19. Somerset SCITT do not necessarily have a pass/fail mark but more that it goes into the overall grading. (So i suppose in theory if you really bomb at them all, it could bring down your overall score enough?)
    As for the other questions I dont think it would be a good idea for anyone to say too much.
    Batches of interviews sometimes have different questions' and obviously depending on your answers a question may go in a different direction anyway. This is the same with the children's panel. How can you know what a child will come up with lol.
    SCITT are really helpful and give you plenty of information on the process once your interview pack arrives. But if in doubt give them a call.

  20. mararnril, I have my interview next week and basically it's two tasks that you have to do, but these might well differ for interview batches, as PGCEApplico says, so it's probably not worth worrying about it until you get asked for interview. This is some information on the Somerset Scitt website about what to expect at the interviews.

    I haven't been told that there will be English/Maths audits, so I think I will just brush up on these and just wait and see. But if there is a maths audit, I'm sure you will be ok - you mentioned you had an A grade so I would just brush up, if needed. Maths is my nemesis, so I want to make sure I'm prepared!

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