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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Just a warning, take care, some of the info is out of date on the website- it's still promising a £4000 bursary for students!
    Does anyone know how many early years places there are , my email said the PGCE will be taught in 2 groups of 26...wasn't sure if that was including early years or not?
  2. Oh completely! The website is a tad behind the times but the schools that have been used before are still ones that have been used, and I was suggesting to look at it just for an idea of the schools spread.

    Yeah the bursary cut was such welcome news last week when it was announced lol
  3. Sorry replying on a mobile device so struggling to see whole of message! Yes think those numbers are maximum for both courses. Know this year they were around 26 (primary) and 19 (early years) roughly.
  4. Better tell my kids to get used to eating tesco value then- it's going to be an expensive year!
  5. Pull the labels off and play lucky dip lol.
  6. Well, guinea pig food is three for two at the mo...and its got added vitamin c!!
  7. Hey again all,

    Any ideas how they decide which schools they will place you in? Just had a look at the prospectus, as suggested by other posters; the schools seem quite varied in where they are....getting abit panicked now, I live in Bristol and don't have a car!
  8. @pgceApplico - thanks for the info! Really interesting..
    @SuperMaria - I'm also hoping that they take the location of students into consideration when allocating school placements...although I'm lucky in that I should have my own wheels by September.
    On my interview day, when they saw that I currently live in London they tentatively asked if I would be commuting (which actually, ridiculously, would be quicker than driving from Bristol on some days!) Any way, I really am quite excited about moving back west!
    As for the Blog, I'm in the process of setting on up on Blogger, which if you have a googlemail/gmail account then you can sign up to be made an administrator and contribute to. I could probably build a more sophisticated group blog with wordpress, but I'm lazy and wordpress is confusing!
    Let me know if anyone has any suggestions. I think my first post will be about childrens books - sticking with what I know. But my basic idea is to have somewhere we can post to share interesting articles/ideas etc. In the run up to applying for Somerset Scitt there seemed to be so little from former students on the internet, (probably as a result of it being such a small course). It would be nice to put something up..
    As Sarah's daughter very wisely says, you should be very cautious about 'internet people' but sharing information and blogging in general can be a really positive thing. This forum for one has probably saved me from madness more than once!
  9. @FG pleasure but take allfacts with a pinch of salt as everything is always subject to change!

    Commuting sounds interesting. I would always phone scitt as with the best will in the world they know alot more than us and have probably been asked the same question hundreds of times.
  10. Fuschia, if you don't mind me asking, where do you plan on moving to? We are thinking of moving to Bridgwater for the duration of the year, if it is going to be easier for me in terms of getting to school and the college site, but I'm wondering if there's any point in doing that, as I might end up being put in a school miles away from Bridgwater anyway! Not really sure what to do...obviously, more info will come out over the next few months and I haven't even got a place yet so I don't even know why I thinking all this!

    I will message you my email too, would love to help with the blog...
  11. I don't mind at all. At the moment I'm considering moving to Bristol, as I have family and friends there, and promise of a room. With the bursary cut its looking less and less possible for me to live independantly in the PGCE year, it's a good job I love driving so much (although I'm preparing for the petrol to cost me a small fortune!)
  12. Ah ok, so like me then. It would be great if we could stay in Bristol but it will mean daily commutes for me, and I'm probably not going to be able to afford a car...hmm. Also read in the prospectus that the college site for pgce students is off the M5 somewhere. I didn't realise this, I though it was in Bridgwater, hence the idea of moving to Bridgwater for the year, so not really sure what to do, I think it's going to involve a hefty commute wherever I base myself!
  13. Ha, just looked at the prospectus again, if I'm going to move, I think it'll be to Taunton instead! That's where the college site is...tut tut @ myself!
  14. If I were you (and I know this is hard) I would take the attitude of 'crossing that bridge when you come to it' (sorry - useless platitude). However, most problems are summountable in the grand scheme of things. Fingers crossed you hear about your interview soon!

  15. Oh yeah I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, don't worry! I guess it's just curiosity really and I'm just conscious that it's not just me who it's going to affect...
  16. So I think the blog is ready to go. I've already had a few ideas for things to talk about &c. If anyone is interested in joining in please email me pgcescitt (at) gmail.com

  17. Ahhhh got the email about interview! ahhhh! Only trouble is, I don't have certificates/copies of all my qualification documents, namely my degree certificate. Haven't seen it since I graduated...Did anyone else have this problem regarding providing documents? Do you think it's going to be an issue?
  18. Congratulations SM! Sorry, I have no Idea about the certificates - perhaps contact your univeristy?
  19. Well done SM... they p/c my certificates on the day so I would make a start on finding out the exam boards you took yr exams with, they should be able to issue you with replacements.
    FG- have emailed you re the blog
  20. Yeah mine were also photo copied on the actual interview date. Not much help as everyone with me had all the certificates in hand.

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