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Somerset primary SCITT

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by samantha-j, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hey Sarah. Congratulations on your place! I too will be starting in September which I feel very lucky for after the nightmare application process/long wait that everyone has expereinced. I am moving from Manchester so I will have a lot to organise. Very excited :) I am just awaiting results of my degree. When was your interview? Mine was the 21st, which fell right in the middle of my exam period which was incredibly daunting. I had a fantastic day and met some lovely people. I have been a full time student for the past three years but have gained lots of school/childcare experience alongside my degree. Prior to my degree I worked in finance but longing for a career with greater social impact and with children I set upon my dream of becoming a teacher. Coming from a LSA post I'm sure you will have a wealth of knowledge for the placements! I wish you lots of luck for your degree and GCSE, it will be worth it! x
  2. I have also just accepted my place to do Primary PGCE with Somerset SCITT. So thrilled, the interview day was such a great insight into this course and everyone involved seemed so enthusiastic and friendly. Does anyone have any plans for preparation over the summer? I'm hoping to spend a little more time in schools to build my confidence. Can't wait to meet everyone in September!

  3. Hey,
    I have just post hopped from the student teachers forum.
    Fellow somerset scitt-ers!
    Hi I have accepted my place on the early years/ks1 course for september. I finished my studies a number of years ago so I am brushing up on all my skills before we start! Great to know there are others here!
  4. Great to meet you all. I'm looking forward to passing my exams then relaxing all summer ! does any one know if they want a specific level of degree...not sure what I'll get yet so hoping that won't let me down, what an awful thought...to get this far![​IMG]
  5. hey did it not say in your offer as a condition?
  6. Sarah - I'd suggest (rather than worrying about it) ringing Somerset Scitt to double check. They're always so helpful over the phone, and I'm sure that there's nothing to worry about - as it probably would have listed the grade as a condition if that was the case..
    I'm hoping we might get a reading list sooner rather than later, would love some guidance on the best books to read..
  7. Hey fuchsia

    I'm with you on that wonder when we will recieve any info like that? Are you on the primary or the KS1/early years? I know this may sound perverse but I'm looking forward to getting the reading list and getting started. I have small (ish) children so wanting as much time as possible!

    Been looking on amazon for basic books but the choice is a bit daunting!
    Guess I best also look at changing my tag!
  8. I've opted for Primary (7-11), and yeah, I just can't wait to get started! Also, at the moment I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can buy books relatively cheaply, and need to make the most of this while it lasts! I've worked in children's publishing for years and so am fairly up to date with current trends and children's fiction, but really need to keep up to date with science and maths!
    Since my interview I've dreaded reading teaching related blogs and newspapers (although I still have) as I was in fear of not getting a place, but now it's confirmed I want to read up on everything I possibly can! It's months away yet, but i'm very very eager. I'm thinking about starting a blog in the run up to the course as a way of getting into the habit of recording things and being reflective. It's obviously something that happens naturally in working life, but getting back into that slightly more academic frame of mind is something I'm keen to do.
    Is anyone interested in setting up some kind of community blog where we can share information we've found, book reccomendations / interesting articles etc? Might be fun?
  9. Hello all

    I've also applied to Somerset Scitt but I haven't even had my interview yet! Been told I'm being interviewed in March but I've seen so many people who have been given offers, I'm wondering if there's going to be any places left! Haven't received anything regarding the interview, but was told to expect an email...How did you all find out you had interviews? Really hope I will get to join you too...
  10. Hi Maria,
    Sorry to hear about the wait, I'm sure they wouldn't be setting up interviews in March if they didn't have places. When I think of how busy I was on my interview day, and how much hard work and organisation must go into arranging those days, I really don't think they'd bother if they didn't have places. Think positive, it's probably just their way of dealing with the volume of applications they've had this year.
    And it's great news that you've got an interview - the way they structure the interview days really gives you a chance to show them why you want to teach.
    I was notified about my interview day through email, and it didn't appear on Track for quite a while afterwards. Infact I'm pretty sure my offer still hasn't materialised on Track, but I'm trying not to worry about that!
    I know it must be hard to think positive when you have so little information, but do try, I'm sure it will all turn out for the best,

  11. Hi Fuschia

    Thank you for replying, it's reassuring to know that you also found out about the interview via email - the first time I rang, the lady said I should expect a letter, but the second time I rang, they said an email.

    Does the interview last whole day? When did you have to get there? I'm just trying to think of options regarding time off work, etc. Which course are you doing? I'm hoping to do Primary 5-11, and like you said, hopefully I'll get the chance to show how much experience I have, etc.
  12. No trouble Maria, I know that over the last few months I've had hundreds of questions I've wanted to ask people about the course and never quite had the courage to post on any of these forums.
    When I look back though the worry was more fear of the unknown than anything else, and if I could go back to the night before the interview I would definitely tell myself to calm down, and that it would be ok! The good thing is that the people who run the course are excellent at putting you at ease. So don't worry about that.
    The interview took all day, from about 8.30 - 4.30 (I was last to be interviewed on my day) and alot of the day was spent in groups. I had to travel up the evening before (so if you need a reccomendation for a good and reasonable B&B let me know!)
    I hope you hear soon, and as soon as you do, if you have any more questions then send me a message.
  13. Maria, FG is right they wouldn't be interviewing without places, a friend of mine didn't find out till May when she applied a couple of years ago!
    FG- a blog would be good, although my daughter has warned me about making friends online 'people aren't alwayswho they say they are mum'!!
  14. Hey guys,

    Thank you for your positive and helpful messages, particularly you FG! Yes, I will be in touch when something happens!

    I think a blog would be a great idea too - the more help from eachother we can get, the better!

    Please keep posting on here fellow Somerset Scitters, it's really reassuring to know there are others who are applying/starting at Somerset Scitt. On other forums I've had very little luck in hearing from other people, I guess it's quite an unknown course compared to the bigger university PGCEs, so keep posting!
  15. SM this is exactly the problems I had before this thread. I had been looking on the forum fruitlessly for ages to no avail. But I put a post up and someone from applying to Somerset scitt replied. Guess though it's the right time of year what with the first batch of interviews over now.
    But that said I do seem, at present, to be the only KS1 scitter present! still I'm latching onto the thread as from what I understand this year they trialed the two scitts together to help with in-school lesson plans.
    I'm also getting the feeling I may be alone,so far, in another aspect too...
  16. Hey pgceApplico

    Can you elaborate on what you said about them trialing the two scitts together - is that the early years one AND the primary 5 -11 one? How did you find this out? I think others on here will be interested.

    What do you mean, is it that you've yet to hear from Early Years Scitters? I'm sure there must be some, like I said earlier, keep this thread alive and I'm sure they'll be alot more of us!
  17. This is not admissable in court you understand lol.
    The thing this year (as you may or may not know the Ks1 course will only be in it's second year this year) so with that a lot ofthe same schools are used as are used in the general primary route. So I think, I'm in no way suggesting this is gospel however, is that an early years/ks1 and a general primary scitter have been placed in the same school (although obviously into differing KS). This has worked well as it gives the two trainees a chance to work and develop lesson plans together.
    I heard it at interview on the day. I will add however, I am human, I am falable, I am open to interpretation (all vital skills I may add lol) so this is what I think I heard. I am happy to be corrected should I be wrong.

    As for being alone, no I am not referring to my course choice, although that is also true! I am more referring to the tags people have.
  18. Ah I see, well that is interesting and sounds like it could well be true, as it kind of makes sense. But don't worry, you won't be held to it haha! In the school I work in at the moment, there are two people on placement and I think they are kind of sharing planning, etc, and I think it helps the teachers in that they can share resources and in turn, save teachers time!

    Just out of interest, does anyone have any idea about where the placement schools are? I know they're likely to be in the Bridgewater area, just curious really...

    And sorry for all my posting - just really pleased to finally find a dedicated Somerset Scitter thread woo!
  19. SM
    Yes the list of schools that have been previously used are in the scitt prospectus.

    If you go to www.somersetscitt.co.uk (I think) a quick google search will find it anyway and have a look around you can download the scitt prospectus. I was plotting the schools on a map ( I like geography okay!) and the farthest north east is Cheddar, north is WSM, south there is one in Exeter and all points in between! This is schools that they have used inthe past. There is nothing to say they will use them again, but it'll give you an idea. Check out the website and download the scitt prospectus of the top of my head I think it's on about page 6?
  20. Good guess! Check this out


    Page 6!

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