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Somerset GTP

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Salsa72, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Hi Trixie, Yes I have been accepted conditional on a school agreeing to my placement. Do you know your placement? And no I have not received anything yet.
  2. Trixie1

    Trixie1 New commenter

    Hi Salsa
    I just had an e-mail on Friday offering a second interview at a school willing to employ me, so fingers crossed! Good luck with yours, let me know how you get on.
  3. I have now found out details for my placement subject to interview, itching to contact them to arrange but it is the Easter Hols and nobody is answering the phone. I will just have to be patient and wait I should be used to that lol
  4. How excting for you Salsa! [​IMG]. I'm waiting for my GTP interview date to be arranged. The bank holidays are a killer for getting things organised in schools aren't they!

  5. I have arranged my placement interview and I thought it would be fairly relaxed as already been accepted onto the GTP but no. I have to do a half hour activity with ten children on fractions and then a formal interview to discuss my teaching experience and my educational philosophy. Yuck lol Has anyone else got the details of their interviews?
  6. Still waiting for info...interview isnext week so it doesn't give me much time to prepare. Good Luck Salsa!
  7. Thanks Sarah, My interview is on Wednesday afternoon when is yours? I am struggling to think of something inspiring to do with fractions lol. Probably will do Origami.
  8. Hi, I had my interview and they offered my the GTP placement the same day...very relieved ! Just have to pass my three assignments and a GCSE now so still won't feel 100% confident till they're in the bag and that's not till August when the GSCE results come out! So I don't think I'll believe it completely till I actually start in the school![​IMG]
  9. Hi, Lucky you Sarah, I still haven't heard. I also have to finish my dissertation one assignment and pass English GCSE so feel the same as you. However there is definetly light at the end of teh tunnel now lol.
  10. The school said no [​IMG] So I am waiting for the details of an interview with another school.
  11. Trixie1

    Trixie1 New commenter

    OMG!!!! That is awful for you Salsa! You're right, why offer an interview if they already know they can't do it??? BUT it's their loss. Your next school will be just right for you and you'll do really well there. I'll have my fingers crossed that they sort something quickly. Let us know! Good luck xx
  12. Poor you...but it may be that the circumstances within the school have changed so nothing to do with how you performed. Keep yr chiln up.
  13. Trixie1

    Trixie1 New commenter

    Yes, me too! Will be good to finally get some info. IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!
  14. Hi girls,

    How is it going? I had my interview at a school yesterday and they were absolutely lovely and they said YES woohoo. I will be going to the Yeovil induction day anyone else going to that one?

    See you soon

  15. Heya,

    I'm also a Somerset SCITT Primary GTP-er, and I'll be at the Yeovil induction day. SO much looking forward to it. Anyone know what the day comprises? We were supposed to be emailed an agenda but, trawling back through my inbox, I'm certain that I haven't received one yet.

    See you there!
  16. Hi, Got an e-mail yesterday to say be there at 9.30am with a laptop and the map was attached.
    See you there.
  17. Yep, I got that one too, thanks. See you on Tuesday!
  18. Hi all,
    What a great day although have been looking at fronter and omg so much to do lol Looking forward to it though, was great to meet you Trixie. Were you there JeeBee sorry didnt get to link up.
    Salsa x
  19. Trixie1

    Trixie1 New commenter

    Hi guys,
    Yes, I really enjoyed it too. So good to finally have something to read and refer to. Nice to see you again Salsa. See you all at the next meeting x

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