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Someplace Else

Discussion in 'Personal' started by deleted299, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. bnm


    Well, you learn something new every day, elfie.

    Hiya, angel.
  2. bnm


    Hepburn, you have no idea how much he is suffering!!!

    He'll brighten up later, I'm sure, as we get to the Indian restaurant/down to the pub to see in the new year time of day.
  3. Is it too early to get a round of drinks in?
  4. odd, as most of my gay male friends are amazingly resilient in the face of disease, although as most of them were friends from the navy they did succumb to scurvy quite frequently
  5. I'm sure it's not Mixu! Some lads were drinking white lightening down my way at 10am earlier! Shocking! x
  6. cheers mixu - I just bought myself a cheap bottle of Jim Beam Black (they were out of Jack Daniels) so I'll have a JBB4 please
  7. Packerguy, he simply wanted loads and loads of sympathy (all the time!) and used incredibly dramatic terms to describe his condition. Perhaps a stint in the Navy would toughen him up!
  8. Does anyone want to join me in a round of girly cocktails? It is afternoon now so any hour could be cocktail hour!
  9. bnm


    I'll have another lemsip and vodka cocktail from anyone who's buying.
  10. A vodka and night nurse cocktail might be more fun bnm! A glass or a pitcher full?
  11. Yes please Hepburn are there any purple cocktails?

    Oh and most sailors spend their time in the Navy on dry land these days ... not enough ships to go round Hepburn.
  12. megmogndowl

    megmogndowl New commenter

    OOh. Can I have a pink one please Hepburn. As girly as possible!
  13. bnm


    Mr bnm's hogging the night nurse.

    Maybe I'll just have a vodka and vodka cocktail?
  14. Yes Mixu - there are cocktails of every colour here! Maraschino (sp?) cherry in that?
    Dry land would be good as I still would need him to perform his gay-boyfriend duties!
  15. I spent my navy career (apart from three two-week spells on minesweepers) in underground bunkers

    Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me
  16. Pink one for megmogndowl in a lovely martini glass! Packerguy, please can I be employed as the resident cocktail waitress? I can even make lots with rude names!
  17. Could mean a move to plymouth or Portsmouth Hepburn.

    Cherry sounds brill ... real one of course!
  18. That's ok Mixu - I'm down south anyway so not too far! Might need a new job myself though!
  19. megmogndowl

    megmogndowl New commenter

    *megmogndowl slips some sparkly cocktail type things into her glass to make it look pretty*
  20. Yes I am down south too .... now lets rais our glasses to packerguy's new establishment 'Someplace Else!'

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