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Some yr7 French vocab resources (expo 1)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by mlapworth, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

    Here are some links to textivate vocab-matching resources, based on Expo 1 (French).

    Expo 1.2.1 (brothers and sisters): http://www.textivate.com/menu-3yfjn1

    Expo 1.2.2 (ma famille): http://www.textivate.com/menu-4yfjn1

    Expo 1.2.3 (tu as un animal?): http://www.textivate.com/menu-5yfjn1

    Expo 1.2.4 (je me présente): http://www.textivate.com/menu-6yfjn1

    Expo 1.2.5 (hair/eyes): http://www.textivate.com/menu-2yfjn1

    Expo 1.3.1 (où habites-tu?): http://www.textivate.com/menu-80gjn1

    Expo 1.3.2 (ma maison): http://www.textivate.com/menu-90gjn1

    Expo 1.3.3 (ma chambre): http://www.textivate.com/menu-a0gjn1

    Expo 1.3.4 (le soir): http://www.textivate.com/menu-b0gjn1

    Expo 1.3.5 (quelle heure est-il?): http://www.textivate.com/menu-c0gjn1

    Expo 1.4.1 (au centre ville): http://www.textivate.com/menu-7yfjn1

    Expo 1.4.2 (où est le parc?): http://www.textivate.com/menu-hyfjn1

    Expo 1.4.3 (où es-tu? où vas-tu?): http://www.textivate.com/menu-iyfjn1

    Expo 1.4.4 (j'aime bien ça): http://www.textivate.com/menu-jyfjn1

    Expo 1.4.5 (au snack-bar): http://www.textivate.com/menu-kyfjn1

    Each link is to a resource with 29 interactive exercises to choose from.

    It's dead easy to make your own.
  2. brettl

    brettl New commenter

    Absolutely great - much needed inspiration to try it myself!
  3. mlapworth

    mlapworth Occasional commenter

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