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Some maths games for review

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by studymaths, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone, I've spent some time polishing up a few maths games I have been working on and would like to share/get feedback on them. Please be as harsh as you like, I won't take offence!

    'Find the primes'

    I made this because my lower sets could never recognise their primes. I'm quite proud to say this game solved that problem!

    'Maths Target'

    A starter activity I use mainly on my interactive white board. People have commented this game is quite addictive/frustrating at the same time :)

    'Beat the clock'

    A favourite of my pupils. This game make learning the times tables fun. One of my pupils has progressed from scores of less than 5 up to now scoring 30+. The top score in the hall of fame is genuine is case you were wondering!

    'Nasty Negatives'

    I've made sure all the common mistake appear in this multiple choice game. I tell my pupils not to worry about the time at first, just concentrate on making it to the end.

    There we go, hope you enjoy these and use them in your lessons. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Had a quick go on the primes ones. Yes I like that as something I <u>would</u> like to accompany my teaching.
    Mainly as it strikes the discussion of why 1 is not involved and requires additional skills of spotting the numbers which goes beyond maths.
    Font looks far better than before but still woudnt unleash it in a classroom because of the google ads.
  3. I agree with Betamale.
    I had a try at the prime - I would like a silly game or puzzle or silly joke every few levels to break it up a bit.
  4. definitely useful starters/reviews

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