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Some information needed for my PGCE

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fwrench, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Hi! I have just started my PGCE in primary education and am finding that I am more and more swayed towards the foundation/early years levels. I was just wondering if any knew if you could potentially work in the foundation stage in the future with a 5-11 primary PGCE. The course doesn't concentrate on this particular stage in any great depth so I am concerned that I will not get the training I would need. I would obviously ask my tutor, but it is very late on a Friday night and wondered if anyone was up at this ungoddly hour to assist me.....

    Thank you in advance :eek:)
  2. Once you qualify and get qts, you can teach absolutely any age. Get a range of experience during your course to make your mind up properly, good luck!

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