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Some housekeeping questions for NQTs

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by petrapan, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Sorry if some of them seem silly.
    1) Will I have to create my own timetable for September or will that be done for me?
    2) Are we normally expected to hunt down all the policies or are we given an induction pack? I know this might depend on the school.
    3) What is the norm with displays, am I expected to cover the wall with displays before the children even start or will it be a matter of putting up the backing paper/borders etc and then adding to the displays as we begin working? (I'm in KS1).
    4) How have people arranged children in groups at the beginning? Mixed ability groups to start, or have people used the assessments from the previous teacher to put them into groups?
    5) How much support have you all received from your mentors in terms of routines etc.? That's bothering me a lot more than the actual teaching! I keep worrying I'll be unsure of the normal procedures for silly things like assemblies, collecting money, PE and so on. I'm sure it sounds silly but I don't want to get it all wrong.
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    1) It will be done for you (or at least it is in Secondary)
    2) Some have them on the staff shared area on the computers. Some give you a pack.
    3) Most places like displays up from day one (I think there is another thread on this) but do something easy you can adapt as you progress.
    4) (Sorry not my area)
    5) any good school will advise you on this. My mentor was rubbish but I had a fabulous Head of Year who gave me lots of help.

    Congratulations on the post & Good luckfor your NQT year! x

  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    1) Yes to a point. Things like PE/ICT/Assemblies etc will possibly be done for you. If your school groups for things like phonics or sets for maths then that might be done for you as well. I'd not worry about it until the INSET days in Sept. Or if you have an email for your mentor or KS leader then you could email them towards the end of the summer to find out.

    2) Errrr most normal people wouldn't have a clue what most of the policies say, but would know who in school to ask for them should they ever feel the need. Someone will tell you the routines for behaviour and marking and someone else will go over safeguarding with you. Other than that leave the rest for a week when you are having trouble sleeping!

    3) Depends on school. In ours it would be a mix of both. It is good to have some things up, key words and titles for your first topics in maths and lit. But much of it is just backed ready for children's work. Ask in school.

    4) Personally I use assessments and put them into groups for maths and English. I tell the children it is for two weeks and then I might change them or might not. But lots of other people use mixed ability. You might need to ask at school if there is a hard and fast rule.

    5) These are things your mentor, year group partner, KS leader will explain to you nearer the time. You definitely will get told all of them.

    Remember most schools open during the last week or two of the summer holidays, so you can go in then and do displays and the like. There is also almost certain to be INSET days where you can ask every silly question you like. No-one will mind. Everyone would rather you ask them first than have to help you sort out a problem later.
  4. Most of your questions depend entirely on the school.
    1) We create our own. Obviously things like PE/ICT are fixed.
    2) I have always had to find policies. Have never seen an induction pack for either schools I have worked in!
    3) We have to have a certain number of displays up and ready and changed regularly. One has to be a working wall. Completely different to the expectations of my last school so you need to ask someone at your school.
    4) I start with groups from the last class. After a week or so they change. Groups are changed regularly in my classroom.
    5) None. I had to actively seek answers to my questions, and most were answered by other members of staff.
  5. 1) Create my own (PE and ICT are usually fixed). At first school had to fit resources round partner class too so their timetable had to be considered too.
    2) Depends on the school. First school I was given access to the VLP where all the policies were - I was directed there. Also all staff given CP policy and asked to sign they had read it. Second school, little or no induction and had to go searching for policies, still haven;t found quite a few of them if I am honest, but hey ho, only 5 weeks left. Will be asking to be directed to these at my new school, but even asking at my current school doesn't always mean you will be given them or will find them.
    3) I put some stuff up before the start of term and just covered the rest ready for displays. This is entirely up to you. I would certainly like my boards backed before I go back to school.
    4) Numeracy tables (ability), Literacy tables (ability), Guided reading places (ability) and MA places for other things. The kids soon get into the swing of which places depnding on whether I say Lit, numeracy, GR or MA. I usually make their MA tables the groups they are with to win table points (or houses if the school has them). This way you get a mix of abilities in each team/table and it evens the team points up so different teams win each week.
    5) First school - loads. Second school - left ot get on with it but door always open.
    You soon get into the routine and two weeks in it feels like you have always been doing it :)
  6. Firstly none of what you have asked is silly!!!
    Timetables are sorted by SMT in my school. You are given a timetable from which to teach.
    Policies that are most important (I think) are school behaviour policy and new staff induction packs.
    Displays are ongoing. In the first INSET days you could make a nice 'Welcome to Class ... ' and then be ready to change adapt and evolve. Some schools have display policies so you may be able to get one and this should tell you.
    Mentors should have an open door policy. As an NQT you should get signed up to an NQT conference in September where you can network like crazy and build a support gang around you who are in the same boat. There will be lots of observations and feedback time. You are an equal partner in your future now. It is better to be asking for lots of support if you feel you need it. When your confidence grows back off and be more independent and learn from others in your department. You will see things you like and things you dont.

    Good luck

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