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Some help please with BTEC National IT Unit 3 – Using Social Media in Business..

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by karen_james5, Mar 5, 2020.

  1. karen_james5

    karen_james5 New commenter

    This is the first year we have run it and the students have to set up a Facebook business page and some sort of blog. Having loads of issues with Facebook accepting and then suspending their accounts, anyone any solutions? We can’t use blogger here, so any other ideas of what we can use would be gratefully accepted.
  2. Penguin47

    Penguin47 New commenter

    For what reason are the accounts being suspended?

    Is WordPress a viable option? I haven't looked at the specifications for the qualification in detail, but if it's anything remotely like a university project I had to complete, then setting up a WordPress account and having relevant social media-related plugins (EG. Shop) installed would essentially allow you to link all those profiles together under the pretence of a business website. If the accounts are being flagged up as spam, then having it linked to something would perhaps make it look more genunie?

    That's me going on a complete whim, by the way.
  3. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    Have a look at HumHub
    Which is an open source social media software package you can download and run locally
  4. Unskinny_Bop

    Unskinny_Bop New commenter

    You don't need to publish the posts. Our students design them on Word/Publisher and then carry out a survey of the target audience to judge effectiveness ("would you like", "would you share" type tick box and rating questions which would allow for a direct comparison to what would happen on a social media platform, also things like "if you made a comment what would it be?").

    This was what we were told to do by BTEC at training a few years ago. We have had 2 cohorts successful in this approach.
  5. karen_james5

    karen_james5 New commenter

    Thank you all for your help and I will certainly look further into the solutions offered. I particularly like the humhub site.

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