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Some bad maths from Focus, I think..?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by kevchenko13, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. A couple of weeks ago I bought two tubs of emulsion from Focus at £13 each, buy one get one free.
    The offer is still on and, since my parents wanted some paint as well, I said I'd get a couple for them.
    As it turned out, we didn't need one of our tubs. So in I go, put the unwanted one on the till plus the two for my parents (£16 each).
    What happened was I got a £6.50 refund on the one I returned, which was taken off the new ones - so they ended up at £9.50, buy one get one free.
    I had expected to give back the unused one for nothing and pay the full price for the new ones. Have they mucked up, or is there some legislation here? I'm sure I shouldn't have had that £6.50 back - otherwise why not just sell it all at half price (especially since they do a 5 litre tub as well as the 2.5 litre...)?
  2. BOGOFs shift more volume than half price.
    Stores tend to err on the generous side where things can be disputed these days, which is rather nice. Enjoy!
    Sainsbury's jaffa cakes are 52p for 12 or £1.7something for 36.
    I've mentioned it to three assistants now. I'm sure at least one of them understood my point.
  3. Rarely a word that springs to my mind when decorating, sadly!
    Thanks for the reply. Supermarkets are absolutely incredible with dodgy pricing sometimes. A regular NCETM-er (Chris) has a page of photos of ridiculous offers somewhere - of the "79p each, buy 3 for £2" variety...
  4. I can think of pleny of enjoyable things I can do with £6.50. (I'm thinking liquid enjoyment here.....)
    Have you got a link to that page of silly prices?
  5. Fair <strike>pint</strike> point!
    I reckon it's on flickr but the connection here blocks those pages. I think if you look for "bad math" on flickr you will get it. Hopefully. If not, Chris is on twitter, so you could always ask him - that's also blocked here, but I think he uses the same name as on NCETM.
  6. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    One of the things they do here in Switzerland is give a cost "per item" as it were, so you can easily compare deals, and see what sort of saving you get if you buy in quantity.
  7. Where are you kevchenko13?
    At least you've got access to TES! It's blocked on my mobile so I can't get it in Scotland.
  8. I think lots of them do here now too. Sainsburys have 'price per gram' and similar comparison at the bottom of the shelf tag.
    Back to the original question.
    You should have got zero back ON YOURS as they were not half price. The second was a gift.
    You should have got the ticket price of the ones you got for YOUR PARENTS regardless of any newer offers.
    They are two different transactions.
  9. MathsMA

    MathsMA New commenter

    I would have argued that I used up the "gift" pot of paint and would have requested a full &pound;13 refund on the first one that I bought at full price!!!!![​IMG]
  10. Thanks - I agree with Betamale. I'd expected not to get anything for the one I returned, or maybe 1p if they needed to put 'something' through the system but to be honest wasn't sure what they would do. Ultimately I'd bought one at full price and been given another. I'd used one, so was just returning the other.
    Having got home I've just had a look at the original receipt. It has the two tubs each at &pound;13, then a line that says 'Multibuy 2 for 1 (discount &pound;6.50)', then another the same, and then the original total of &pound;13 due. So perhaps they just have a system that effectively treats 2 for 1 as half price? Normally I tell cashiers if they make a mistake, in either party's favour, but really wasn't sure where I stood with this one...
    @Weebecka: I was in Cambridge, but I work for OCR and the browsers filter out a number of sites.
    The link is here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/badmaths/pool/ [​IMG]

  11. Thanks Kevin,
    If you've been at OCR a while we may well have spoken - I had so much help with things like sorting out Entry Level at short notice and all the worsheets for our Interact text books being lost.....
  12. Can anyone explain the bad maths in the Heineken picture to me ... feeling thick
  13. Nazard

    Nazard New commenter

    If you use the figures quoted: &pound;1.43 for 660ml works out at &pound;2.17 for a litre. Not &pound;2.20.
    I am usually the first to laugh at the afflicted when numerical errors are propogated in public, but this one doesn't seem to be particularly exciting or noteworthy. If you gotta use a calculator to spot the error, then it probably ain't worth spotting!
    Which makes it worrying that someone did notice ...

  14. My favourite is here and a nice real-life application of negative numbers.
    My students regularly turn up with photos on their mobiles for me of crazy prices - it has become quite competitive.

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