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some advice please colleagues

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by cheflecturer, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hello friends and the not-so-friendly
    Sorry for my absence - house moving and such stuff and a ridculous three weeks without internet courtesy of BT and Sky choosing to have a bit of a bust up over my telephone service
    You may remember my redundancy/job dilemma - well things have moved on. I have the offer of a one year fixed term half time (bear with me) contract for hosptality work and a one year fixed term not quite half time (0.35 - where do they dream this stuff up) contract for 'functional skills' (which I am happyish to consider) and (it gets complicated) a 'zero hours' contract for peripatetic hospitality assessment - meaning no promise of hours and, if I get any, only up to a maximum of 0.15 fte as there is a policy of not employing anyone for more than 100% of a contract (sticking with me so far?).
    Summary 85% of a job, with the possibility of making it up to 100% over the year. Doesn't sound too bad, does it. But they have clobbered me with an 'exclusivity of service' clause, meaning I can't teach anywhere else. This is in force even if they only ever give me 0.85 fte. This doesn't strike me as fair and please don't make me choke on my pastry by mentioning the union - bloody hopeles bunch of old gits here who spend too much time worrying about palestine, socialist workers and the silver book.

    What's a bloke to do?
  2. Tell them that you have paid £68 to IFL and therefore you are now a professional and should have a contract that reflects this. Then contact IFL and explain your predicament and ask them to help. You may discover that you got better service from BT and Sky however you may utilise your time by worrying about Palestine, socialist workers and the silver book. Good luck and dont forget to log your CPD
    ps have you told IFL of your change of address, you wouldn't want to lose touch and miss out on this summers free magazine
  3. Splendid advice indeed!! I shall pay absolute attention to your incisive observations.
    I've already seen the magazine, rather good read I thought.
  4. You might take the view that 85% of a job is better than no job at all and that the remaining 15% of your time could be usefully deployed searching the market and writing seamless job applications. If you could look at the year as a 'breather' which allows you some extra time to track down opportunities, then such a period might actually be a good thing. Small comfort, I know, but nothing in life is for ever. To cite my own example - although it was some years ago - I was forced to take a 0.5 post although I wanted full-time work; it gave me the time to write endless applications - and after a year, I landed exactly the job that I wanted.
  5. Presumably only for the duration of your contract with them. Otherwise that would be harsh.
    Mmm....colleagues from Community Ed. I have one who posts here sometimes. Nice fella really, but does kinda miss the wood for the trees sometimes.
    Don't the IfL offer a discounted broadband service? You should look into that.
    For what it's worth I think the situation is such that we've all got to try and ride the wave as best we can. However poor the waves are.
    I hope you can stay on your board, so good luck, 'cause I enjoy your pastries.
    Well some of them.
  6. Congratulations on your choice, which seems to offer you the chance of extending your professional skills even further.
    Your BII link was very interesting too - another professional body! What a lot of them there are about these days! And this seems a particularly effective one - plenty of benefits for members (helplines and advice to personal savings and business discounts) whilst raising professional standards as well. You'll feel at home there, cheflecturer.
    Just as a matter of interest, is membership of this professional body mandatory in the licenced retail sector or is it a voluntary option for individuals?
  7. What? Not Functional Skills? Shame on you!!! On the other hand....hmmm probably the right decision though. Good luck with it all.
  8. TCSC47

    TCSC47 Star commenter

    This seems eminently sensible. What a strange clause in the first place. How do they justify it? I personally have never seen anything like it.
  9. Chef
    Compass catering seem to be doing well - if you like contract catering (I don't) you might want to give them a call. Catering used to be competitive is it still like that now?

  10. skintbint

    skintbint New commenter

    you've a disgusting attitude pal, millions of us 'worry about palestine' here's hoping you get an enlightened view of others in dire circumstances or are busy moving house again... very soon
  11. skintbint you are so right. I can't sleep for worrying about Palestine. (What's your secret?). That and Kate Middleton. Have you seen how thin she's looking on the Canadian tour pix? Ever since the Big Day, really. D'you reckon it's got anything to do with Will's mom's ring that she seems to wear everywhere? The 'Precious', as she calls it...

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