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Software to design and maintain a school web site - suggestions please

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DEmsley, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    Does it have to be HTML? Use of a CMS above might be a good idea, or use a blogging application, wordpress for example, to save both time and effort.
    BTW I doubt Dreamweaver will be beyong your Y6, even if you *think* it is beyond you [​IMG]. It is very easy to use with loads of tutorials available online.

  2. I'd second Wordpress. Used Joomla before and found the interface and languaged used quite complicated. Wordpress is very user friendly and flexible and has loads of documentation and themes, but as with any system, you will have to learn a bit of HTML if you want complete control. It's good at easing you into that though.
    Installing it is free and it also lets you set up different types of accounts for different users, which will be handy for your year 6 students.
  3. madcat

    madcat Occasional commenter

    I've been looking at this for one of our local primaries.
    All things considered, a simple wordpress blog fulfulled all of their needs - easy to update; easy to train people; lots of photo gallery options etc. etc.

  4. What about serfi Webplus? That any good for desigining a web site?
  5. My great typing! Serif i meant and designing! Ooops - better watch my spelling when I do get to design the site!
  6. If you want to do most of it online why not try weebly.com?
    You can set up two free sites yourself simply by joining - free and very easy.
    You can also assign an existing domain name if you have one and if you are happy upgrade to a paid for 'pro' account which gives you multimedia, etc.
    You could also set students up with their own weebly accounts.......
  7. wow this site looks really good and with the pro upgrade looks like it will do everything that I want - thanks! The kids can also do most of the work for me!
  8. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    Never used this myself, but I know a real novice user who though it was excellent:
  9. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    Much depends on the size. A little website regularly updated looks better than a huge thing which is static.
    WebPlus may be suitable. I do not know though whether it can multi-task, so to speak. Because it functions as a website designer, not a webpage designer. Can people work on different bits simultaneously without going into import/export complexities ?
  10. I have built fantastic looking websites using the allwebco templates - have a look. (allwebco.com) And the fantastic comes from having it mostly done for you! American company that you download the templates in a zip format and they look really pretty professional and you can really customise them to your own needs (eg replace the picture files with your own and have posh looking slide shows of photos etc). They are around £40-£80 each but they save loads and loads of time and work). You can open them easily in Dreamweaver (or any web software) which I would recommend it if you can get to use it because it is better than frontpage IMHO. Have a look at some school websites and see what you like that is already put there. Then buy the template and just change the text - not much coding needed and the really useful help page will tell you exactly what to do (it is first-time user friendly). Sound like a salesperson don't I but good luck :) and have fun!

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