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Software or app to share schedule with team

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by lindsaygii, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. lindsaygii

    lindsaygii New commenter

    Hello all. In my own teaching I use Planboard to keep track of my lessons and schedules because it's very flexible and makes checking the lessons, test dates and holidays all fit together in time.

    Now I'm HoD I want to have something similar which the whole department can access; a calendar which shows how the Scheme of Work fits in the year, with test dates, which is flexible enough to allow off-days to be entered without any cutting and pasting (HATE scheduling in Excel!) but - I don't want to give up my own Planboard account so it needs to be something new.

    Does anyone have a cheap or free timetabling solution which might fit the bill please? Thank you very much. :)
  2. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    do you have office 365? have you looked at FLOW or Planner, these can be great tools. Not used them, but a good idea you have there...i'll see how this works myself now you've suggested it!

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