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Software/ apps to improve writing

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Jknipe, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Jknipe

    Jknipe New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I hope everyone is doing okay. I'm looking to develop writing skills in my school and wondered if anyone uses or knows of any good software/apps/ websites to help with this?

  2. robwilktes

    robwilktes Occasional commenter

    What age group?
    What genres of writing?
  3. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    Check out https://www.cricksoft.com/uk/

    They've been writing quality software along these lines for years. Not that I've had a need to use it myself, but in the right setting it is nothing short of transformational.
  4. Jknipe

    Jknipe New commenter

    Thanks. I'm looking for something to support across KS2. I've used Clicker for a number fo years but I'm looking for something less constrictive.
  5. siobhan_p_1985

    siobhan_p_1985 New commenter

    Hi, sorry to jump in but (commercial interest declared!) I work for Crick Software and was wondering if you'd seen a more recent version of Clicker, as it is very flexible now in terms of the level of writing support offered. You can for example just have the child-friendly word processor and then use features like the speech feedback, word predictor, and/or provide a key vocabulary bank or supportive writing frame if relevant. There's also a mind mapping area to help pupils prepare for writing. Clicker 7 and Clicker 8 are widely used to support writers working at a variety of levels across KS2, so please do get in touch with us if you'd like to trial it or have a demo to see how it can be used in the particular way you're looking for.
  6. robwilktes

    robwilktes Occasional commenter

    Get a Google Domain set up for your school so that pupils can use Google Apps.
    Using Google Classroom for shared writing is a game changer.

    As you move forward you can introduce Chromebooks with pupils having their own accounts.
    School documents can be moved into Google Drive and be accessible from anywhere.

    The DFE is funding the set up at the moment so it's free.

    Do some Googling.

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