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Soft food diet

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by lapinrose, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    I have this horrible pain spasm that keeps recurring, it runs from the right edge of my jaw up past the eye. Have ruled teeth, dentist yesterday, osteopath last monday, back to doctor today who said tension. So have diazepam and a soft food diet, yuk, yuk, will I just eat shepherd's pie for a week, or any suggestions?

    Don't eat tomatoes, not keen on curry but like Middle Eastern spices, not an egg fan, any ideas? Thought I'd do risotto tomoroow night, but o/h will want a roast on Sunday, he's not working this Sunday so it's usual.
  2. Soup?
    For Sunday - pureed Sunday roast soup? [​IMG]
    Rice pud?
    Vittello Tonnato?( you don't like tuna fish, do you?)
    Spinach and mozzarella on couscous?
    Barley rissotto with middle Eastern spices? Some soft aubergine to go with it?
    Mashed potato spiced up with some nice spices? Or mixed with pesto? Or mixed with ajvar?
    Some nice flakey white fish? In a creamy sauce?

  3. I had exactly the same symptoms a few years ago, It was down to an impacted wisdom tooth. If you still have wisdom teeth - get an x ray.
  4. Roast?
    Pot roast in oven or slow cooker. When it's 'done' for his liking, put your serve on to cook a bit longer or mash/ puree the veg or smash everything into gravy so your serve ends up more like a casserole.

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