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Soft baby carriers

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by puddle, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. A new world of baby related goods that I don't understand!

    I have a bjorn baby carrier but its so backpacky and strappy that I dont like it.
    Got a fleece wrap but baby is due in the summer so may be too warm.
    So onto carrier no. 3!
    I want a carrier rather than a wrap. But not one with loads of technical straps. It doesnt have to be used for long - first few summer months would be fine.
    This is the only thing I can find that is remotely like what I want:
    Can anyone help/suggest anything I might like?
  2. Hi puddle, how's things?
    I've bought a Connecta baby carrier- think para may have too, she told me about them. have no idea if it's any good yet but may be sort of thing you are looking for?
  3. I know lots of people start with Baby Bjorns but they're not the best anatomically for babies (or mum's back!) [​IMG] If you'd like a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC), have a look here for some ideas:
    Natural Mamas - Asian Style Carriers
    Some popular ones are: Beco Butterfly , Rose and Rebellion, Ergo, Babyhawk
    Or you could try other Mei-Tai carriers, which are less buckly and more strappy. Only one I've had my hands on is a Maya Tie which was lovely - part wrap/part mei-tai - but I didn't find it quite supportive enough with a small baby - I'm sure there are better ways of tying it that work though! Lovely for a bigger baby and suitable for back carries too.
    I really, really recommend trying to get to a sling meet near you if you can (mentioned on your other thread) - they're a great opportunity to try out different carriers to see what suits you. There might also be a sling library near you where you can try different carriers out at relatively low expense. There are lots of carriers For Sale or Trade on Natural Mamas, so if you did decide to try one you could get one from there.
  4. She is fine facing in, the way she is positioned is very different to the baby bjorn - her head is higher up and she can move her head around and see what she wants, including me when she gets tired. She is far better supported. Think that is why I'd never bother with a back carry- she can't see my face! With a baby bjorn type they are so much lower and not well supported so do not have the same freedom of movement.
    It is hard to explain, but I saw someone with a front carry baby bjorn and it looked so awkward, the baby was dangling and leaning so far forward and could hardly move as she was suspended from her crotch.
    I love my rose and rebelion, I had a didymos wrap for a short time (sold it on for a £40 profit, yay!) and just found it so hot, and that was only last week.
  5. i love my baby bjorn active carrier. I have been lots of different places with it - even conducted a choir with lo in the carrier

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