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Sofa... or settee?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Winnie Woo, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    ... Or couch?
  2. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    ... Or couch?
  3. setee at home with my Mum

    sofa here

    never couch
  4. Sofa in the front room and definitely not a settee or couch in the lounge.
  5. My granny's generation had settees.
    My mother had a sofa.
    I have modular seating. [​IMG]
  6. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    We had a couch when I was little, but my grandma had a settee. Mine's a sofa.
    Funny how we have different names for things, whether we're different generations or in different areas. Like where I grew up we ate bread-cakes, then I moved somewhere where they were baps, and I have friends who call them buns, barm cakes and batches.
  7. Couch! 2 x 2-seaters = 1 big chair each that you can lie on - from the french couche!
    Sofa is an upholstered raised platform - like them really uncomfy fashionable things that your legs don't fit - too deep, too low, too expensive!
    Settee is a long bench with a supportive back. No separate cushions, one single unit, like they used to have in YHAs!
    So we have 2 couches, cos we are lazy!
  8. Sofa, regardless of shape
  9. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Settee. We also say 'scone' and not 'sconn' - does that make us common?
  10. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I purchased a sofa, but I sit on the couch.
  11. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    sofa! (or occasionally settee if I am around my parents). I always think of couch of american although I'm not sure if it is....
  12. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    No, you're correct!
  13. Couch or suite - sofa always sounds really posh to me.

    Scone rather than sconn is really posh too - no way is that common!!
  14. Milkandchalk

    Milkandchalk New commenter

    Just the other day I was lounging on my chaise longue eating a scohne fresh from the ohven and pondering this very question.
    How posh does this make me??
  15. Milkandchalk

    Milkandchalk New commenter

    I don't really have a chaise longue.... It's a sofa bed - surely the same thing?
  16. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    You mean the Aga, dahling!
  17. Milkandchalk

    Milkandchalk New commenter

    I'm so sorry I do mean the aga - the one in the scullery.
  18. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Didn't somebody sum up the three ages of woman as Lager, Aga, Saga ?
  19. What's a front room? As for lounges, aren't they found in hotels or at airports?
    In answer to the OP: sofa - always.


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