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Sociology CPD

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by ruth.elborn, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Im an NQT teaching sociology (very badly). School will pay for me to go on a CPD, but can anyone reccomend to me a good CPD sociology course, im thinking for AS level mostly as i have a much bigger AS class. any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Hi,
    Have a look at AQA Website for their timetable of Sociology related course. Also bodies such as ETC Sociology courses usually in Jan as I recall in London.
    Another option is to invite an experienced practitioner to visit your school and take you through the demands of the subject specs.
    Where I am, there is no funding for any such CPD.

    Good luck.
  3. Hi, how's it going? NQT is a stressy time at best. Anyhow... I'd highly recommend (if your school is willing to pay) the Lindisfarne course on raising results in sociology. Mainly as it's taken by Keith Trobe who is a senior examiner and gives great advice and assisstance on dealing with those pesky new methods in context answers. Plus there'll be a whole bunch of other sociology teachers there who are experienced for you to pick their brains!
    Admittedly these courses are next week, but it's worth trying to get a spot! If you want the proper form, e-mail me: proflyactive@hotmail.com

    LINDISFARNE PRESS SOCIOLOGY CPDRAISING RESULTS IN AS and A2 SOCIOLOGY (AQA)A one-day CPD led by Keith Trobe(Senior Examiner, AS Sociology) Venues and datesLeeds Wednesday October 13th 2010London Thursday 14th 2010 Programme1 Methods in Context Questions This section examines the demands of the ‘methods in context’ question in the Crime section of Unit 4 and in the Education/Methods topic in Unit 2. We will deconstruct the question structure in order to fully understand what the demands are on students and then work out teaching strategies to develop their application skills. 2 Dealing with common problem questionsWe’ll identify the patterns in student performance, point out the common errors they make and suggest some teaching techniques to deal with these mark-losing problems. The course tutor: KEITH TROBE is a Senior Examiner for AS Sociology with a major examinations board. He is also the author and co-author of major AS/A level Sociology textbooks and teaching/revision materials.
  4. P.S. I am not an employee of the company, nor am I related to them in any way!
  5. Where are you based Ruth? If you need any advice or specific, please keep posting or private message. I was an NQT a couple of years ago (having trained in RE) and teaching sociology for the first time was a total baptism of fire! (even though it was my degree). Got lots of resoruces, ideas and advice should you need it[​IMG]

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