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Social Science/Sociology PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rachel213, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Im in my first year of uni at the minute studying Sociology, with the hope of going into teaching, eventually I'd like to teach AS/A level [​IMG]
    I know its getting more and more competitive, and I've already had a meeting with the careers centre and they've told me to get as many observations in schools and general leadership experience with children etc,
    I was just wondering if theres anything that would substantially increase my chances of getting on a PGCE course? Like teaching english abroad, Camp America etc-do training providers actually value experience like this or would they just prefer more observational experience? :S
    Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
  2. Hi Rachel
    I also want to teach sociology and psychology A/AS level (both subjects can often be found at GCSE too so try and see lessons of that too), and have applied to the IOE social science PGCE whilst I'm in the last year of my degree. The entry requirements say you need a minimum of 2 weeks work experience, which I have and more, but I was shocked to find at the interview that over half the people were already working in schools as TAs or cover supervisors, and were applying for course for the second time. So it's quite a competitive area, and you may need to be prepared to have a year out first, even if you get lots of experience now.
    While you're still at uni, try and get as much work experience in different schools as possible. Teaching english abroad would be good, but most places want experience in uk secondary schools, so doing that would only be an added bonus, not a replacement. I'd definitely recommend doing the student associate scheme http://www.tda.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/career-exploration/sas.aspx# (just google it if the link doesnt work) but it seems now it's only available for secondary priortiy subjects. It wasnt when I did it 18 months ago, so may change back for you!
    Hope that helps, I'm sure others will have stuff to add too
  3. Yikes!
    I knew it was competitive but that sounds crazy!
    Sorry for another question, but is it worth getting any primary school experience alongside secondary/sixth form or are they not too fussed?
    Thank you for your help, and good luck with your PGCE :)
  4. I'd say primary school experience could surely only be a good thing? But you will have to get some before your course starts anyway. Especially year 6, because chances are you will have to teach an additional subject at KS3. So if you sold your experience as you know what primary school children learn etc so you can build on that etc should be good. My only advice would be don't try and get experience in September because primary schools are likely to be busy then... you have to do 2 weeks at the start of your PGCE.
    Thanks for luck.. still waiting to see if I get a place! Good luck to you too :)

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