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Social Science PGCE University of Leicester

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by shell_c, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Hey!
    I was just wondering if anyone on here has been given an offer for the Social science PGCE at the University of Leicester to start this sept 2012? Just wanted to say hi and get into contact with anyone else due to start!
  2. Hello....I am starting in Sept in Social Science specialism Psychology. Have you got the welcome pack yet? What are your thoughts about the assignment? Are you local or moving down? Hope all prep is going well

    :) x
  3. Hi!
    I'll also be commencing a social science's PGCE this September. How is the prep going?
  4. At Leicester? I am currently trying to find a Secondary School so I can do my preliminary observation/attachment, had a look through the assignment but haven't done anything yet or any reading. Sorted out my CRB, loan and accommodation though. How about you? x
  5. Yes, at Leicester. I have organised my preliminary placements, CRB and loan. Although I am still looking for suitable accomodation! I live in London and don't drive so it's a bit of a pain, but I have a few viewings next week so hopefully that task will be completed by next week.
    Did you arrange your primary school placement for September? It's such a squeeze considering 3 of the assignments must wait until atleast part of the placement is completed :/
    I'm planning to do the first assignment beforehand to save on stress :) x
  6. I went for university accommodation as I thought that would be easier, I can drive but I don't own my own car and I can't afford to buy and insure one whilst at uni so hopefully placements won't be too bad.

    I work in a school so I have to wait until September, although no Secondary Schools have got back to me so I am going to have to ask the one I work at and I could do that before September, also I am a LSA so I work in the SEN department so hoping to do it on SEN provision in the classrooom and they will provide some information. Primary is now sorted, but I don't know what to do about the 'how your subject is taught at Primary' section....maybe PSHE lessons will incorporate it somehow.

    What are you currently doing?

    Good luck with viewings :) x
  7. Hi!
    I'm starting at Leicester in September too, but for Secondary French. :)
    I've sorted out my loan and also bought a printer. I've just managed to arrange my primary observation, in a local junior school which seems quite enthusiastic about French in the curriculum. I'm going in to meet the Head next Monday. But the secondary school I contacted said they couldn't take me because they're 'fully committed to their own trainees' (not sure why this is a problem for 2 days observation in September, but oh well).
    I should be able to find a secondary school easily enough because I work in lots of schools as a Cover Supervisor. But using my contacts will mean going to a secondary school in a different area to the primary one.
    I drive, so will be commuting from my home in Derby. Hopefully I'll get a placement on this side of Leicester! I'm currently working at a school in Leicestershire (near Loughborough) anyway, so am used to a bit of a commute.
    I've hardly had a chance to look through the other stuff because of my job. I started my Subject Knowledge Audit a while ago when it first came through, but it was really in-depth and I've been really busy lately.
    My school breaks up in one week, so I'm going to have a big tidy and properly dive into all the paperwork and reading then.
  8. casperino

    casperino New commenter

    I'm not doing social science, but I'm a fellow Leicester Uni PGCE-er doing English. Just wanted to say hi! x
  9. Hey Shellie, I have replied to your inbox message :) Hope everyone else is getting on ok with the prep! x
  10. Hey fellow Social Science PGCE-ers!! Did you guys know that there were 4 places on the course? Which means there's only one person from our department that we haven't 'met' x
  11. Wow! Apparently there are 21 of us on the MFL course but I've not found any of them online yet. :(
  12. Hi

    I have been invited for an interview for social science and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect?

    Thank you
  13. Hi

    I have been invited for an interview for social science and was wondering if you could give me some guidance?

    Thank you

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