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Social Networking in School

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by TheEagleHasLanded, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. 12 million 13-19 year olds use facebook and yet we all ban social networking sites due to lack of control / fears over security.
    What are your thoughts on this - should we use internal social networks in school, or secure private networks to enable collaboration amongst students and improve communication... students use messaging rather than email / sms outside of school - we should move to embrace this
  2. No, we ban them because they are a waste of electricity, time, oxygen, you name it.
    Lots of 13-19 year olds watch **** online, perhaps we should move to embrace this as well ?

  3. An old argument on this forum. To save myself forming a carefully worded and succinct argument that balances both sides and reaches an informed opinion, just assume that I've done all that (I have done previously, as it happens) and jump to the end.

    Some social networking opportunities within a learning platform (whether it be shop bought, bespoke or a mix and match of a number of tools) can be quite handy. But kids want to go on Facebook to slag each other off, post silly pictures and play daft games. Very rarely do any of those have a real educational benefit in the classroom, and what self-respecting kid would use the school branded social network over Facebook? I'm a geek, a nerd, a swot and an adult and I wouldn't opt to use the school branded one...
  4. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    of life..?
  5. Does a ban really work in schools when you can even get touch-screen watches that allow you to connect to the internet and post on Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus etc?
  6. A lot of the debate over Social Networking in School was also covered in the following TES thread...
    "Twitter - Good or Bad?"
  7. Nearly all ICT classes in our High School use Edmodo; they really engage with it and it's ridiculously easy to get started.
  8. Any ICT teacher worth his salt should be aware of unintended consequences of using ANY technology without a sound pedagogical basis that justifies its use in the classroom.

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