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So, when I win the lottery tomorow...

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by modelmaker, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    That will allow me to afford a kitchen the size of a warehouse, I'll have a smoker installed for sure, and an indoor wood-burning barbecue, and a wood-burning pizza oven and...

  2. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    That will allow me to afford a kitchen the size of a warehouse, I'll have a smoker installed for sure, and an indoor wood-burning barbecue, and a wood-burning pizza oven and...

  3. I will have my little cottage kitchen, the kettle always on the boil for the warmed pot of tea, tea cosy waiting, and all my old and battered utensils which have served me well and are not trendy, roses in a vase on the table and the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the house. It will all be spotlessly clean, as I would allow myself the luxury of a wee cleaning lady, who I will bake fairy cakes for and sit and have a natter with and she will tell me all about her husband Arthur and his varicose veins. My children will waltz home from school with a readybrek glow and tell me how wonderful their day was and then will sit down to enjoy the good old-fashioned nosh I have cooked and then we will all play a round of scrabble with the cleaning lady and I will win.

  4. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Does it have to be a cleaning lady or can I apply for the job in the unlikely event the lottery is fiddled again? I promise not to win at Scrabble even though I could easily...
    I trust you'd give me less to complain about than my sweetheart finds when I cook.
  5. If I won the lottery there would be lots of fine dining, eat the best cuts of meat, new kitchen work tops and tiles... and ....
  6. ......taps that don't drip; acres of storage space; room for a dresser - built in; an aga; room for a table that seats at least 10; decent lighting; a battered old sofa where i could sit in the evening light thinking about stuff; jugs of roses from the garden; .....and....
  7. Done deal. You have the job.
  8. ...... a huge pantry with a proper high ceiling to hang things from, and some of those nifty slide and lift gizmos among the cupboards so that I don't hurt my hands lifting my shiny new Kitchenmaid equipment onto the bench, and a nice chunk of marble for pastry making ... and ....
  9. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I will move from the small social-housing ground-floor flat I now have, and buy a large bungalow to share with my mum!
    There will be two kitchens - one for me and one for mum. My kitchen will be purpose-designed for me - including low work-surfaces that I can sit at when preparing food; and an oven at the right height to use without stooping, !... I will have a representative from Lakeland come and fit out the kitchen with all the latest gadgets that I know I need.
    There will be a kitchen garden complete with orchard....and a well-fit young gardener named Adam - maybe not so young, somewhere around 40 or 50. And so gorgeous. Muscled, but not too much - and with this penchant for working topless! And he will be smart too! Brains and a body-to-die-for. He will also be looking for love - and his woman of choice is in her late 40s, bespectacled, and dumpy! ....sorry got carried away there!...and there will be a small area for keeping goats. Maybe a little dairy for me to make my own goats-milk cheese!
  10. A pantry. I must have a pantry where I can store all my preserves (beautifully labelled). I won't have kitchen cupboards but drawers for everything that close by themselves with just a gentle nudge of the hips. Enough wall space so that I can finally hang my gleaming copper pans up instead of having to store them in a drawer and do my back in every time I have to take one out to use, which is every day!
    like the sound of Adam - might have to have one of those too......

    Go and buy a lottery ticket RIGHT NOW cosmos!!!!!!!!
  11. I want an Adam too!
  12. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    He's mine!
    And remember he likes his women short, bespectacled and dumpy - and in their late 40s.....so ME!
    Maybe he has two brothers? Ummm Benjamin and, oh let's see...Callum!
  13. Ok, I'll take Callum.
    I shall wear a hat for modesty's sake...
  14. [​IMG]

    Ok beth, you keep Adam; I'll have his twin brother Seth

    He can play in my bedding any time he likes!
  15. MM, I'll add some hi tech to your lovely lo techness.
    A soubisse and a vacuum thingy.
    And I have to have a source of dry ice - I love making semi freddo's and granitas and I have some weird ideas on how to extend my range.
    Going back to more old fashioned stuff...
    I would have to have a dedicated preserves area and I'll borrow Adam, Seth etc in autumn for some hedgerowing.....
    Could we arrange for one wall to have big french windows out onto a well kept kitchen garden / allotment? And a space for my chickens (no problem with eggs or chicken health here!)
    I'm sorry to bang on but I will also need some good storage space - cool and dark, not at all damp, preferably an easy to access cellar.
    And then again a light and airy space for drying herbs and curing meats.
    There may be more....
  16. Well Pobble, I'm not all all sure I want to lend Seth to you...... hedgerowing my foot!!!

    Could we arrange for one wall to have big french windows leading out into small enclosed courtyard herb garden where I can have a small table and chair for my early morning coffee. Somewhere I could do my accounts and give Seth his orders for the day.........
    This kitchen must have room for a large freezer too - no room here - very frustrating.
  17. Freezer?
    I want an ice house!
  18. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Come and live here with mrs modelmaker then if your numbers don't come up. She leaves the patio door wide open while the dog sniffs around the garden to find somewhere suitable to have a pee and also leaves the door between the house and garage ,where her rabbit lives in the winter, wide open when she cleans out the hutch each day and waits for it to dry.
    Heating on full blast, of course, destroying both the planet and my bank account.
    Thank Heavens I'm unaware if mrs modelmaker's a member of this site. If you are, mrs modelmaker, be kind and civil to celtic should she arrive. We've moved on a bit since the war.
  19. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    My wish list may seem long but is fairly simple, really.
    -An oven that doesn't require me to perform complicated adjustments and repositioning to ensure even cooking.
    -A hob with all the rings working
    -No holes in the walls
    -An extractor fan that works
    -Decent illumination of the worktops so that I can cut things without fear of losing a finger- the lights in my kitchen are behind me when I'm cooking, so I cast a shadow over my chopping board!
    -Space for a modern fridge freezer. The fridge I have is from a bygone age (it's actually older than me by a year!) and was made to fit the ridiculously narrow space in the kitchen. I dread it dying as they don't make fridges narrow enough any more. My current freezer lives under the stairs- not terribly convenient.
    Oh, how I long for a new kitchen!
  20. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    ........Every drawer / door would have a hidden gadget that slides, swings or pulls out to reveal extra, easy to get to storage, and they would all be well lit, so I don't have to find my glasses to see if I've picked a tin of cherries or tomatoes!

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