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So what's your CV like?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by 01brian, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Hi Rhea,

    I realise you must be so sick of sending your CV by now, but I would really appreciate a copy.


    Thank you.
  2. Hi Rhea,

    I will much appreciate a copy of your CV too...as a Xmas gift :).. my e-mail is tunjimak@yahoo.com

  3. Hi Folks

    This discussion has developed into an excellent resource that I will use soon. Many thanks.

    A word of (warning) advice to Rhea....

    A friend of mine, in a city of about 100,000people, sat on an interview panel recently and was presented with three carbon copies of a CV layout she had developed for herself a few years back.

    Not one of the candidtates were known to her but but she had shared a copy of her own CV with friends in the past.

    Be careful that you don't put yourself into a similar position by trying to help others out.

    Goodluck on the job hunt.
  4. Hi Rhea (or anyone else with the CV format)

    Could someone please send it to me too. I am actually happy with mine but wanted to check if I should add anything or do it maybe slightly different.


    Cheers Lilly
  5. Just bumping for Rhea or anyone else with the CV outline mentioned.


    Cheers Lilly
  6. bethije

    bethije New commenter

    Hi Rhea

    i'd be very grateful if you could send me a CV template too.
    Many thanks Beth
  7. Hi Rhea

    would be so grateful 4 a copy of ur cv, know ur probably fed up sendin it 2 folk!! would b much appreciated.

  8. Think I'm up-to-date on sending now. Hope I've not missed anyone - was away for a while and got a bit confused...
    Misery, thanks again for your offer. You were probably right - but I'm still shy and retiring!
  9. Hi Rhea, could I please have a copy of your CV too? Thanks! xx
  10. Going to get in quickly and add my name to the list for the CV template, please Rhea. Am returning to England after an 'interesting' stint teaching in the US.
    Does anyone have a view on whether I should apply for anything, in desperation, or live in poverty for a while and be choosy? I really want to work in a prep school, but so do thousands of others, no doubt.
    Any independent school heads out there have views on hiring teachers who have not worked in the private sector before?
    By the way, what a lovely, helpful thread, full of well-mannered, amusing posters (makes a change!)
    Happy new year, everyone.
  11. Swanny,

    Just go for it. You never know.
  12. Ahem, hi Rhea, guess you probably thought this had died a death....sorry.

    I'm just returning to supply teaching and have sorted my CV but would like to check what I have against someone else's in case I have missed anything.

    Would you mind sending me a copy please?


    Thankyou. x
  13. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Post 113: I was appointed from the state sector to my first (independent school) headship. My governors and I were also keen to appoint other good maintained school teachers because they broadened the perspective of a school which had been pleasantly stagnating for some considerable time.
  14. Rhea, if you are still out there....please could I have a copy of the CV format too? My CV is in the same format as when I was applying for my first NQT job (too many years ago to think about, decades in fact!!) Many thanks, claire@fitzbentley.com
  15. Hi Rhea,
    I'm a bit late I know, but any chance of forwarding your CV to this old goat in need of revamping?
    Many thanks,
  16. yo Rhea! can you hook me up wid dat CV structure,thanx alot, really appreciate it! g_scholes@hotmail.com x x

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